Are There Phone Charging Stations At Universal Studios?

At Universal, you can charge your phone either at the Fuel Rod spots or by availing Universal’s Go Puck Rental Program.

It is always a pain not to have enough battery on your phone. Therefore, Universal Studios has come up with different solutions over the years to ensure the visitors enjoy and make the most of their visit. Go Puck rentals and Fuel Rod strollers are an excellent start to fixing this problem.

But can you charge your phone at Universal Studios? If so, how much does it cost, and does it mean you will spend an hour or so wasting your time while your phone is getting charged?

That’s what we will be discussing in this article. We will also cover the Go Puck rental program and Fuel Rod strollers at Universal Studios.

Can You Charge Your Phone At Universal Studios?

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Yes, you can charge your phone at Universal Studios by either availing of their rental program service or the fuel rod strollers.

Universal Studios is one of the most famous theme parks worldwide, and with this popularity comes the constant need to post about your rides or your day at the park.

Universal has come up with Go Puck Rental Program, which means Universal can now rent out portable chargers to the guests for $25 a day. 

Apart from portable chargers, it also provides Relax and Recharge stations for people who wish to take a break from the rides and rush at the park. Each station has four pods outfitted with standard plugs and USB ports for one to sit and charge their phone.

Universal also has a reusable portable charging system, known as a Fuel Rod stroller, which costs about $30 a day. 

What Is Universal’s Go Puck Rental Program?

Universal now offers rental options on portable charging units, also known as Go Puck Rental Program. Visitors can either rent these chargers or purchase them outright.

Universal Orlando has started renting out Go Puck chargers to its guests upon facing a shortage of other portable, reusable charging points. While you can also buy Go Pucks for about $80 plus taxes on Amazon, you need to order it with enough time for spare lithium-ion batteries to ship, which can easily take 4 to 5 days.

Universal solves this problem by renting out Go Pucks at $25 a day and about $12.50 for half a day. This program is for those who wish to use the charging system without needing to spend money on buying a brand-new charging system.

Visitors can buy full-day rentals before 3 pm; however, after 3 pm, only half-day rental service is available. Universal also places a hold on a credit card for $80 should the unit not be returned in rentable condition. 

The full-day and half-day rates include a charging cord appropriate for your phone. 

What Is A Fuel Rod?

Fuel Rod stops are reusable portable charging ports available at Universal at $30 for the initial device and an additional charge of $3 for every rod swap.

A Fuel Rod is a reusable portable charging system with one of the highest densities on the market. These can charge a phone for eight hours of talk time and four hours of usage of tablets.

If the battery of the rod is drained, you can swap it out for a new one at Universal for a fee of $3 each. However, at other locations across the country, it is available for free.

The initial device costs about $30 and comes with a cable, connectors, and a carrying case. You can also get up to five free rod swaps by downloading the FuelRod app on your phone.

Go Puck Rental Program and Fuel Rod Strollers Locations

Some of the locations for the Go Puck Rental Program at Universal Studios are:

  1. CityWalk – Universal Store
  2. Islands of Adventure – Islands of Adventure Trading Company (Port of Entry) & DinoStore (Jurassic Park Area)
  3. Universal Studios – MIB Gear (In between Springfield USA and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter)

Locations for Fuel Rod Strollers at Universal Studios are:

  1. World Expo – inside the Men in Black Alien Attack gift shop
  2. Marvel Super Hero Island – inside the Marvel Alterniverse Store 
  3. Marvel Super Hero Island – near the Comic Book Shop 
  4. Jurassic Park – by the Jurassic Outfitters gift shop 
  5. Seuss Landing – inside the Mulberry Street Store

Can You Bring Your Own Charger To Universal Studios?

You can bring your chargers to Universal Studios. However, a team member might ask you to unplug the charger if you use an outlet at the resort.

You are allowed to bring your charger to Universal Studios. But I recommend you to only bring portable chargers instead of looking for an outlet all over the place.

While it’s unlikely to be an issue to plug into any outlet at the resort, outlets at the parks are not for guest use, and you may be asked to unplug your device by a Universal employee.

Therefore, portable chargers might come in handy at times like these.

Final Remarks

In this article, we tried to understand where you can charge your phones at Universal Studios while also figuring out where you can find Rental Program or Fuel Rod locations.

Here’s a quick recap.

Where to charge your phone at Universal Studios? You can charge your phone either at the Fuel Rod spots or by availing of Universal’s Go Puck Rental Program. Both of these can either be rented or purchased outright.