What Happens If You Get Caught With Vape In Mexico?

No, you cannot bring vapes to Mexico. The government has banned vapes and other tobacco alternatives in Mexico City.

Mexico has now placed strict bans on vapes and electronic cigarettes.

While many people have protested this ban, there is nothing they can do to stop it. There may be illegal vape sales in the country, but foreigners cannot get away with it.

Some countries allow people to bring vapes and use them in permitted places. However, Mexico is not one of those lenient countries.

This article is a must-read if you have made travel plans to Mexico but need to learn about their vaping rules. I have traveled to Mexico recently and have some detailed information on vapes to help you with your travel plans.

Is It Legal To Bring Vapes Into Mexico?

Can I Bring My Vape To Mexico?

No, it is entirely illegal to bring vapes to Mexico. If caught with vapes at customs, you will be fined heavily.

Vaping is slowly becoming pretty popular among the people of the USA. People outside the USA have also developed a keen interest in vapes and electronic cigarettes in place of regular tobacco.

While many consider vapes safer than cigarettes, they severely affect your health. Mexico has taken this health risk seriously and banned the sale of vapes.

Earlier, people could buy vapes in the country but couldn’t bring them from other nations. However, recent changes in their laws have now made the sale of vaping items completely illegal.

You may still find some people vaping in private spaces, but they are not sourced through ethical or legal means. If you are a foreign traveler, you will be in big trouble if caught with a vape.

The country has made its rules loud and clear, so no exceptions are made for foreign travelers. Your vape will be seized and taken away if they are found in your luggage or person.

Additionally, the punishment will be accompanied by a heavy fine and stern talk from the authorities. To avoid such embarrassment and monetary loss, you should not bring your vape to Mexico.

Vaping in private places is also not allowed in Mexico, so there is no point in sneaking them in. You cannot even buy vape juice in the country that would allow you to smoke discreetly.

Will The TSA Take Out My Vape In Mexico?

Yes, the TSA will take out your vape in Mexico. Even if it’s private property and used, all kinds of vapes will be seized by the TSA in the country. 

You may be tempted to take your vape to Mexico and let them deal with it. But they will confiscate it and make you pay a lot of money.

They check every bag rigorously and will also check you physically as a person for hidden vapes. You might be able to fly from your home country to Mexico, but the TSA will check all your bags for checking.

Even your cargo baggage will be checked for illegal items, so you don’t sneak them into the country. Therefore, I would not recommend taking your vape if you don’t want to lose it to the authorities. 

No exceptions are made for anyone, and airport security is strict. People who regularly fly to Mexico know these facts and avoid bringing back illegal goods from other nations.

Can You Fly With A Disposable Vape?

You might be able to fly to Mexico with a disposable vape. However, they will still be taken away, and you won’t be able to smoke them on the plane anyway.

People who carry around vapes all the time will have the urge to bring along at least a disposable vape on the plane. However, understand that you cannot smoke vapes in a plane anywhere.

Now, there is no point in carrying a disposable vape only to smoke at the original airport. You will be made to throw away the vape when you reach Mexico City.

Additionally, due to their liquid item policies, you cannot carry a lot of vape juice on planes. You cannot even buy vape liquid in stores at the airport, so bringing only a vape pen will be of little use.

Can I Buy Vapes In Mexico?

Buying and selling vapes in Mexico is strictly disallowed. You cannot legally purchase these products anywhere in the country.

When you land in Mexico, you will never see vape shops and the like around. As I’ve said before, the circulation and sale of these products are banned in the country.

Additionally, you can source them illegally, but if found with those items, the police will take you in for fines. You may be in big trouble, especially if you are a foreigner.

You might get banned from getting a VISA the next time you visit the country. Don’t indulge in these illegal activities, and protect your vacation from being ruined.

If you are approached by someone selling vapes in the country, you should avoid them at all costs. It would be best to steer clear of vaping liquids as they may contain harmful substances.

Final Remarks

So, I am sure I have cleared all confusion about vapes and vaping in Mexico. Unfortunately for vapers, you cannot enjoy your electronic cigarettes in the country.

People traveling from other countries should be extra careful in making decisions because if they are caught with illegal substances, they will be paying fines. If vaping is a must for you, there are better places to visit than Mexico.

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve discussed in this article. 

Vaping and the sale of vapes are not allowed in Mexico. In fact, you cannot bring or even buy vapes in Mexico from anywhere.