Does St Thomas Have Uber? (How To Get Around!)

St. Thomas does not have an Uber taxi service. Certain taxis service only in certain areas so it is best to look for Taxi Associations and private drivers in St. Thomas.

One of the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean sea, St. Thomas has many local taxi associations, private drivers, and rental cars. Tourists prefer to use these services since they can’t just book an uber over there.

So why is there no Uber service around? And how much are the taxi rates for different routes?

This is what we will be covering in this article. We will also go over whether it is easy to get a taxi around or if is it better to look for a rental. 

We will also try to understand if public transportation services are also available. Let us dive deeper into this topic to know how tourists get around in St. Thomas.

Is There No Uber Service In St. Thomas?

Uber in St Thomas

There is no Uber service available in St. Thomas. This is mainly because of the rapidly changing patterns and consumer behaviour in the area.

If you’re planning to go to St. Thomas this year, there is a lot you need to plan ahead of time — transportation included. 

There is no Uber or Lyft service available in St. Thomas. However, there are multiple environmentally conscious methods of transportation in St. Thomas.

The environmental services department of St. Thomas states that the City of St. Thomas issues Taxi Licenses to drivers employed by cab companies operating within the city. 

This is mainly because of the rapidly changing patterns and consumer behaviours during the vacation months which leads to seasonal employment amongst the local drivers of the area.

Not only in St. Thomas, but Uber services do not operate in other islands such as St. Croix, St. John, the British Virgin Islands, etc.

St. Thomas, however, offers numerous local taxi services that allow you to call and book them at any time of the day. 

These taxi services usually charge per person based on the destination you are going to. Remember, there is no fare by miles and charges are each person’s one-way trip.

How Do Tourists Get Around In St. Thomas?

There are numerous local taxi services, private drivers, and rental cars available for use. Public transportation like bus systems and safari bus routes are also available at cheap prices. 

Generally, it is advised to plan the transportation around the city ahead of time.

If you’re planning to call for local taxi services, make sure you have a couple of numbers ready with you at all times. You can get them by asking around as soon as you exit the airport.

If you’re planning to book a rental during your trip there, make sure to do it beforehand. There are minimal rentals during the peak tourist season and most of them get booked early.

It is advised to book from a trusted agency at least a month before your trip if you’re going between April to June.

Planning around public transportation can get a little hectic as routes are limited. If you wish to enjoy your trip fully, it’s best to take a private taxi to and from the pickup location. 

However, the fare is cheaper than tax services or rentals, generally around 1 USD per person.

Is It Easy To Get A Taxi In St. Thomas?

It is very easy to get a taxi even in any high-traffic area in St. Thomas.

Official and non-official taxis are abundant in St. Thomas.

Non-official taxis or gipsy taxis are unlicensed taxis. You can travel around in them at your risk of being taken advantage of with no recourse. 

So, unless you are completely sure that you’re safe, choose to travel in licensed taxis and leave the gipsy taxis for the locals. These taxis cost as little as one dollar per person.

If you’re taking a ride-sharing taxi from a high-traffic area, keep in mind that the drivers will fill their vehicles to the passenger capacity. So keep your luggage light if you plan on sharing taxis with other people. 

Make sure you have a wad of cash available at all times. Taxi drivers in St. Thomas do not take a card or online payments. 

If you’re in a low-traffic area, you can easily call any taxi service company and your ride will be with you within five minutes.

However, if you’re planning to stay in a remote neighbourhood, it is better to rent a vehicle for your convenience. Calling a taxi would only be a hassle.

How Much Are The Taxi Rates To And From The Airport?

Taxi fare from the airport to the towns is generally $90 for 4 people. Most travellers pay $8 to $40 per person for a round-trip taxi to and from their hotels.

Taxi fares vary from person to person as there is no fixed rate per person. The fare is mostly decided by the traffic in the area and the number of people sharing the ride. 

If you’re taking a taxi from the airport to the Red Hook terminal by yourself, the fare can go up to $90 for 4 people. Every additional passenger over 4 is charged an extra $15 each. 

Within the town limits, the fare generally is $55 for 4 people, with additional passengers over 4 being $7 each. 

Pick out a taxi that works best for your group, budget, and luggage since larger taxis are costlier. 

Final Remarks

There is a lot of information regarding taxi services in St. Thomas on the internet. In this article, I tried to explain how to get around the town in a taxi in St. Thomas.

Here’s a quick recap

Does St. Thomas have an Uber? No, St. Thomas does not have an Uber service. However, there are various local taxi associations, car rentals, and private drivers available at cheap prices.