Where Does The Luggage Go On Eurostar? (Solved)

All carriages have an overhead luggage rack that takes up most of the bags and small suitcases. You can use the racks at the entrance and the end of the carriage to store bigger suitcases.

Eurostar is an international high-speed rail service connecting the United Kingdom with France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Traveling on Eurostar is generally cheaper than flying and also saves you loads of time with fast-track security and customs check. 

But is there a specified rack for you to keep your luggage? If so, does this mean there are a few restrictions on how big or how many bags you are traveling with?

This is what I will be covering in this article. I will also go over if there is a charge for carrying extra luggage and what happens if you lose your luggage.

Let’s dive deeper into this article and try to understand where the luggage goes on Eurostar.

Where Do You Put Your Bags On Eurostar?

Luggage on Eurostar

Overhead luggage racks provide enough space to put backpacks and small suitcases. For bigger suitcases, space at the entrance and the end of the train is reserved.

Eurostar has plenty of space in every carriage. Small and medium-sized bags and suitcases fit in the racks above the head.

There is a luggage limit on Eurostar but it is pretty generous.

Taking luggage on the train should be simple because there is no porter system on Eurostar. There will be no one to hawk it around so pack what you can carry on your own.

One carry-on bag and a suitcase are generally what people prefer to take when on Eurostar since they’re easy to carry around.

There’s no separate baggage car for the luggage. Instead, it is accessible to you at all times during the journey, unlike how it is with airplanes.

There is also no allotted room for your luggage. So, it is a first come, first serve criterion, where whoever comes first can claim the space on the overhead rack or the space between the backs.

Be mindful that the overhead racks can only fit your backpacks or small to medium-sized suitcases. Do not try to overload them unnecessarily.

For your bigger suitcases, standing racks at the end of the entrance of each carriage are reserved. So, if you’re carrying a bigger suitcase or do not have any space to put your bag in, they might be a good option. 

Just make sure to label them properly so they do not get lost or taken mistakenly.

How Many Bags Can You Take On Eurostar?

For a standard or standard premier class, each adult can take two pieces of luggage up to 85cm long and a tiny piece of hand luggage.

Eurostar has a generous luggage allowance. They rarely weigh or measure your luggage but it is advised to take what you can carry on your own.

For a standard ticket, each adult can take two pieces of luggage up to 85cm long and a tiny piece of hand luggage. 

For a business premier class ticket, each adult can take 3 pieces of luggage up to 85 cm long and one small piece of hand luggage.

Children, traveling in all classes, can carry one 85 cm long luggage and a small hand suitcase.

Does Eurostar Charge For Extra Luggage?

Eurostar offers a registered luggage service that starts from 30£ for each extra bag.

Eurostar does not allow passengers to bring extra luggage or luggage that exceeds 85cm in length.

To travel with extra luggage or oversize suitcases, Eurostar offers the Registered luggage service or delivery service at 30£ for each additional item.

The website clearly states that this service is available on specific routes only. So make sure to check before availing of this service.

Eurostar registered luggage service is not available for the stations of Ashford, Ebbsfleet, Calais, Disneyland® Paris, Lyon, Avignon, Marseille, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, or any ski destination.

What Happens If You Lose Your Luggage?

If you have lost something in the departure lounge or on board the train, immediately contact the lost property email at [email protected].

Keep valuable items like phone, wallet, laptop, or important documents with you all the time. Do not put them in the bigger suitcase that you might have to put in the luggage holder at the end of the carriage.

If you lost your luggage at one of the terminals, it will be kept at the lost property office a the station it was found at. 

However, if you lost it on the train, it will be taken to the lost property office at the train’s destination station.

Perishable items are discarded/disposed off by the end of the day.

You may need to pay collection and/or storage charges. 

If you’d like your item posted back, a fee will be payable to the lost property office. Courier service to UK or EU is also available.

How Long Does It Take To Get Through Customs At Eurostar?

Customs check at Eurostar is a rarity. However, you may see some customs officers, like Belgian officers, doing a random check on the platform but it does not take more than 5 to 10 minutes.

With Eurostar, border and luggage checks take place before departure. Passengers are asked to arrive early at the station enough to complete them.

Even if there is a random customs checks on board, you should be clear of customs from the Eurostar within minutes.

Final Remarks

In this article, we tried to understand where the luggage goes when traveling on Eurostar and if there are any restrictions on how big or how much luggage one can carry.

Here’s a quick recap.

Where does luggage go on Eurostar? All carriages have an overhead luggage rack that takes up most of the bags and small suitcases. Luggage racks at the entrance and the end of each carriage are for larger suitcases that do not fit in the overhead rack.