Do You Tip Uber Drivers In Mexico? (Unexpected Answer)

It is not compulsory to tip Uber drivers in Mexico. However, you can still tip them to show your appreciation for their service.

Mexico has different rules and etiquette than the United States of America. Unlike in the US, tipping is not mandatory in most places.

People living in the USA are used to paying a lot of money for tips as opposed to other countries. In Mexico, there is no such rule which says you must tip all services.

The people of Mexico do not expect tips since it’s not exactly a part of Mexican culture. Tips can be paid for by tourists and locals but can be avoided if it’s not what you want to do.

If you are someone who is travelling to Mexico, you need to be aware of their etiquette so that you don’t lose a lot of money unnecessarily. This article will discuss the tipping culture in Mexico and whether or not you should tip Uber drivers in the country.

Is it customary to tip Drivers in Mexico?

do you tip Uber drivers in Mexico

It is not customary or compulsory to tip Uber drivers in Mexico. You can tip them some money if you are satisfied with their services.

People in the USA pay a lot of money for tips for the various services they avail. Naturally, you will think that it’s customary to pay tips even when you are in Mexico. 

However, that is not the case here. It is neither compulsory nor customary to pay tips for any services. When taking an Uber, you can simply pay the amount displayed and be on your merry way.

You won’t be criticized or insulted if you end up leaving without paying extra tips. Tipping the Uber driver in Mexico is done at the customer’s discretion.

Many tourists from America do end up leaving some out of goodwill or simply out of habit. You may choose to tip your Uber driver but if you are low on cash, you can simply skip it.

Ubers do have an option to tip drivers so you can tip them on the app. Alternatively, you can also hand them some cash if it’s more convenient. 

Is tipping drivers part of Mexican culture?

Tipping Uber drivers is not a part of Mexican culture. In fact, the tipping culture is almost absent in Mexico.

Mexican culture does not include tipping people for their services. All service costs are already included in your bill so additional charges need not be paid.

Sure there are options for tipping people for their service but that completely depends on you. You can choose to pay tips or avoid them entirely.

If you really enjoyed the ride or liked your Uber driver, you can tip them to show your appreciation. A tip will help them earn some extra money and would definitely make their day.

Uber drivers in Mexico are not paid much so tips are always welcome. If everyone leaves at least 10 pesos in tips, they will be able to earn a lot of money in a single day.

However, if you decide to save up and not pay tips, your Uber driver will not bother you about it. Most locals don’t pay tips to Uber drivers so they don’t mind if you decide to skip that part.

What is a good amount to tip Uber drivers in Mexico?

Tipping around 10-20 Pesos is a good amount for Uber drivers. It is not mandatory and there are no stipulations on how much you need to tip them.

As mentioned earlier, tipping Uber drivers is not really a part of Mexican culture. They are happy enough with only the bill payment and nothing else.

Yet, you may choose to tip your Uber driver some money if you want. A tip of 10-20 pesos is an acceptable amount and will be enough to make Uber drivers happy.

You can select your desired tip amount and give them as much as you like. It is better to leave them at least 10 Pesos if you are dead set on paying tips.

Some tourists may even go up to 50 Pesos and up if they can afford it. However, a small tip of 10 Pesos will also be appreciated by all Uber drivers.

Is it better to tip in dollars or pesos for Uber in Mexico?

You can tip Uber drivers in Pesos or Dollars. Both currencies are good enough but it’s best to avoid tipping in coins.

When it comes to tips, Uber drivers in Mexico do not expect all customers to leave them some cash. If they do end up tipping, both dollars and pesos are welcome.

Although it is more practical to tip your Uber driver in pesos, they will be happy with whatever you give them. For dollar notes, they would have to exchange the money for pesos so it’s a little extra work.

Additionally, there is one rule you should follow when tipping in a different currency. You should not give them coins or cents since they cannot be exchanged anywhere.

There is no point in tipping your Uber driver if he cannot exchange the money for Mexico’s currency. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid paying in coins.

If you are paying in bills or notes, giving them dollars may not be a problem. In case you are out of pesos when travelling, you can talk to your driver and then make a tip in dollars.

Final Remarks

Tipping people seems to be a big problem in the USA since service charges are almost never taken. However, in Mexico, you can just pay the bill and walk away.

No one will force you to pay tips or extra cash for service since the bill includes everything. Here is a quick recap of the tipping culture in Mexico.

It is not compulsory to tip Uber drivers in Mexico and only paying the bill is acceptable. You can choose to pay tips if you are happy with their service or want to help them out a little.