Is Clearwater Beach Dog Friendly? (Read Before You Go)

Clearwater Beach doesn’t allow dogs at the seashore. In fact, no pets are allowed at the beach.

People with pets often worry about the places they visit. Not all destinations are dog-friendly and many have strict ‘no pets’ policies.

The beach at Clearwater is also somewhat in the category of places that are not very welcoming towards dogs. There are a few dedicated spaces for pet parents to go and relax but a majority of the area is actually not open for pets.

If you are a pet parent who is planning a vacation to Clearwater Beach, you should be aware of certain rules which are followed here. In this article, we will discuss the various rules on pets at Clearwater Beach and the areas where they are allowed.

Are dogs allowed at Clearwater Beach?

dog friendly clearwater beach

Clearwater Beach is not a dog-friendly beach. A few places near the beach allow people with pets to explore and enjoy their vacation.

Clearwater Beach is one of those places which doesn’t allow dogs and other pets in public areas. South Clearwater Beach has strict policies which refrain people from dogs entering the beach.

There are a few spots that are designated for dogs and other pets. North Clearwater Beach allows people with dogs to roam around the area and take their pets on a walk.

However, bathing beaches where most people go to relax don’t allow dogs. Many beaches in Florida follow a similar policy that restricts dogs from entering the beach.

Tourists can still go and enjoy the dog-friendly sections around the beach where they are more than welcome. The general rule is as long as you have them on lease and you clean after them, you and your dogs can explore the area.

Additionally, there are a lot of cafes and restaurants which allow pet owners to relax and enjoy a sumptuous meal. You will also find plenty of hotels that board pets and allow them in your room.

Which part of Clearwater Beach allows dogs?

North Clearwater Beach and Sand Key Park are two places that allow dogs. However, dogs need to be leashed when they are in North Clearwater Beach. 

Even though South Clearwater Beach is not very welcoming towards people with pets, there are certain areas along the beach which do. You can take your dogs to these areas to play and spend some quality time with them.

North Clearwater Beach allows people to walk their dogs on leash and enjoy the view of the ocean from afar. You can also sit along the beach walk and enjoy a quick snack before heading to your hotel or home.

Sand Key Park is a special area that is exclusively made for dogs and people with pets. This park is the perfect place for pets to run about and enjoy the cool sea breeze.

The park is also a great place for your pet to meet other dogs while you mingle with their parents. You can even bring pet toys and play around with your dog within the premises.

dogs in clearwater beach

Do dogs have to be leashed on North Clearwater Beach?

Dogs have to be leashed when they are on North Clearwater Beach. You can walk your dog or enjoy the sea view as long as you keep them leashed.

North Clearwater Beach might be welcoming towards dogs and their parents but they also have some rules which need to be followed. All pets must be leashed when they are at the beach and owners need to be present there at all times.

At Sand Key Park, you can take them off leash but supervision is still mandatory. You also need to make sure you have them back on leash when exiting the park and walking onto the main road.

These rules are set firmly in place to avoid untrained dogs or negligent owners becoming a problem for others. Additionally, pet parents are advised to always clean up after their pets and make sure they don’t attack or overwhelm others.

Are there any dog-friendly hotels in Clearwater Beach?

There are a large number of hotels at Clearwater Beach. Additionally, there are restaurants and cafes which are dog-friendly. 

Since many pet parents still want to visit Clearwater Beach for vacations, there are certain hotels in the area which allow pets to stay over.

Here are some of the best dog-friendly hotels near Clearwater Beach which are perfect for your fur baby:-

1. La Quinta Inn by Wyndham

La Quinta Inn by Wyndham is one of the best hotels in Clearwater that is ideal for pet parents. The hotel is completely dog-friendly so pet parents can stay here in peace.

This 2-star hotel can be very budget-friendly and does not require you to dish out too much money. They even have amenities like a pool, a banquet, and laundry.

2. Candlewood Suites Safety Harbour 

Candlewood Suites Safety Harbour is another great hotel for dog parents. The hotel is situated a little away from the beach but has a pool if you want to splash around with your pets.

The rooms are slightly on the pricier side but their services and hospitality make it worth the money. Additionally, they have a 4.4 rating on Google with hundreds of good reviews which makes the place dependable.

3. The Avalon Club Hotel

The Avalon Club Hotel is a luxury hotel that is perfect for dogs and other pets. Located close to the sea, the hotel is ideal for people who want to indulge in a little luxury.

The staff at the hotel are extremely cooperative and will take good care of your pets. You can also spend some time at their pet-friendly cafe that is located within the premises.

4. Coconut Cove All-Suite Hotel

Coconut Cove All-Suite Hotel is a premium hotel that will give you Hawai vibes even in Florida. This dog-friendly hotel has received hundreds of 5-star ratings on Google as well.

The hotel has its own private pool which is perfect for a good tanning session. Additionally, it is located close to the beach so you won’t have to travel long distances to reach the sea. 

5. Hampton Inn & Suites

Hampton Inn & Suites is a great place to stay in Clearwater if you are a pet parent. This place is not only close to the sea but also to Sand Key Dog Park.

You only need to make a short stroll from the hotel to reach Sand Key Park which allows dogs to play around near the beach. The services of the hotel staff are also exceptional and highly praised by people.

Final Remarks 

Now you must know that Clearwater Beach doesn’t allow dogs in most places. Only a few areas in the city allow dogs and other pets.

Here is a quick recap of what we have discussed so far.

Clearwater Beach is not entirely dog-friendly. Only North Clearwater Beach and Sand Key Park are dog-friendly areas near the beach.