Where To Pick Passengers Up At Las Vegas Airport? (Guide)

You can pick up someone from Terminal 1, Level 2, of the parking garage at Las Vegas Airport. Alternatively, you can use the valet parking garage on Terminal 3 for pickup.

Las Vegas has a rather busy airport, and for a good reason. The place receives a lot of domestic and international travelers almost daily.

Naturally, the airport tends to be extremely crowded and full of people. If you are going to pick up someone from the airport, this article will be super helpful for you.

I will give you all the details about picking up passengers from LAS airport, so you don’t get confused. I will also provide additional information on the airport layout for your benefit.

How To Pick Up Someone From Las Vegas Airport?

Where To Pick Passengers Up At Las Vegas Airport?

To pick someone up from Terminal 1, you must arrive at Level 2 of the parking garage. If they arrive at Terminal 3, you can pick them up from the valet parking section.

Flying to a new city can be pretty stressful for people. If the airport is super crowded, the problem becomes even worse.

The airport always tends to be very confusing in cities like Las Vegas. The long queues of people and cars are not super helpful either.

The high amount of passengers that fly to the airport makes it impossible to have a simple pickup plan. Therefore, you need to be well aware of all pickup hacks beforehand.

If you have someone arriving at LAS airport from the USA, there is a high chance that they will land at terminal 1. Most domestic flights from the USA have their arrival section at this terminal.

Only a handful of domestic airlines will drop passengers at Terminal 1. Terminal 3 is almost exclusively made for international flights. 

Sure some domestic carriers arrive at this terminal. However, all international flights will come at Terminal 3.

If your passenger is flying internationally, you can pick them up from the valet parking section of Terminal 3. For domestic passengers, confirm their airline and then move to a parking space.

Are There Different Terminals At Las Vegas Airport?

Yes, there are two different Terminals at the LAS airport. Terminals 1 and 3 are used for domestic and international travelers, respectively. 

The Las Vegas Airport has a rather exciting layout. They happen to have two terminals.

Although the terminals are not physically connected, you can travel between the two. They are joined by shuttles that take people from one airport to another.

Terminal 1 is dedicated to domestic departure only. However, not all domestic flights use this terminal.

Some of them do use Terminal 3. This terminal, on the other hand, is dedicated to international travel.

All international flights can only come to terminal 3. They cannot use terminal 1 unless there is an emergency. 

Which Domestic Flights Use Terminal 3 At LAS Airport?

Alaska Air, Fly Frontier, OAI, Hawaiian Airlines, Fly Frontier, and Sun Country uses Terminal 3 at LAS airport. United Airlines also operates this terminal and gate D at Las Vegas Airport. 

As I’ve said before, only some domestic airlines arrive at LAS Terminal 3. Terminal 1 is solely for domestic flights. 

However, the rising number of airline companies has made it difficult for authorities to manage one terminal. Therefore, some airlines have been moved to Terminal 3 for convenience. 

Surprisingly even United Airlines have been moved to Terminal 3. It might be because they fly a lot of passengers to and from LAS airport. 

Most domestic flights at Terminal 3 use gate D for arrival and departure. If you are going to pick someone up, make sure you know which domestic flights are at terminal 3.

There are not many places available for parking, so mixing up terminals is not a good situation. You will be in big trouble if you don’t prepare yourself beforehand. 

What Airlines Are At Terminal 1 At LAS Airport?

Most domestic flights from the USA use Terminal 1 at the Harry Reid International Airport. Airlines like Delta, American, Contour, Southwest, and Spirit use Terminal 1 at LAS airport. 

Terminal 1 at Las Vegas Airport is majorly used for domestic travel. No international flights are allowed here.

Only airlines from the USA can access Terminal 1. However, a few domestic flights arrive at Terminal 3, including United Airlines. 

Is there a Terminal 2 at Las Vegas Airport?

No, there is no longer a Terminal 2 at Las Vegas Airport. The terminal was in a poor state and was demolished after Terminal 3 opened.

A fun fact is that there used to be Terminal 2 at LAS airport. That is precisely why we now have Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, even though there are only two terminals.

Terminal 2 was used for international travel till 2012. It was when Terminal 3 was not in existence.

After the government spent so much on constructing Terminal 3, Terminal 2 was rendered obsolete. Not much was spent on its upkeep, so it was decided it was not helpful enough.

In 2016, the authorities decided to get rid of the building. The land there still stands empty, and no plans for utilization have been made.

Final Remarks 

So, I am sure you know exactly how to pick up passengers from LAS airport. I have taken quite a few trips to the airport, so I was able to give you a lot of information. 

However, it would be best if you were extra careful when arriving at the Terminals. Make sure you don’t mess up the airline name and arrive at the wrong terminal with little spare time.

If you have missed anything from this article, here is a quick recap of what I’ve discussed. 

You can pick up most domestic flyers from the Level 2 parking garage at Terminal 1 of LAS airport. Additionally, you can use the valet parking section of Terminal 3 to pick up foreign and domestic travelers.