How Long Does It Take To Drive Across Vegas? (FASTEST Route)

It usually takes under 1 hour to travel from Downtown Vegas to The Strip. You can make it in under 20 minutes if the traffic is less and on weekdays.

Las Vegas is a pretty popular destination in the USA. As we all know, with a great destination comes great traffic. 

Therefore, predicting the time required to drive Across Vegas is not very easy. Since I’m a party enthusiast and have made Vegas my ideal place to chill, I can give you some insight on this topic.

Like anywhere else, the time taken to Drive across the city depends on when you are traveling. Weekends and weekdays are a vast difference, especially when driving through the city.

Additionally, the traffic and presence of significant events also affect the time required to travel. You have to consider several factors affecting your journey into Vegas’s heart and outskirts.

I’m a frequent traveler who loves to move around Las Vegas, looking for new hangout spots. I have a lot of experience with their traffic and can help you understand driving patterns in the city.

Can You Drive Across Vegas By Car?

How Long Does It Take To Drive Across Vegas?

Yes, it’s entirely possible to drive across Vegas by car. It is the best mode of transport in the city if you are willing to get through the traffic.

Driving across Vegas is one of the top things to do for many people. The ride through the city is exceptionally dreamy, especially at night.

The streets of bright light and part music are nothing short of unreal if you are a fan of this scene. It’s also cheaper and more convenient for people who live close by and don’t have much time to travel.

You must gear up and start your ride with munchies and the music playing in the background. The city is very small, so it’s not like you need hours to travel around.

The trip from Downtown Vegas to The Strip will only take 11 minutes or so on a lazy weekday. When stuck in rush hour, you will only spend a maximum of 45 minutes on the road across the city.

Now, Google maps, or any maps for that matter, can be highly misleading. The drive usually depends on several factors, like the day of the week, upcoming events, rush hours, and surprise traffic.

Since the city is so small but gets so many tourists, it’s bound to be a little crowded. Parking is one of the major problems here and can sometimes be annoying.

It’s always recommended to come early during slow hours when the roads are relatively empty. You will enjoy the drive as you watch the festivities pass through in a haze.

You can even travel back and forth in a short while if you manage to avoid rush hours. On weekends though, the place can get pretty stuffy.

There will be cars lined up on the road with no space to move. You won’t even be able to back away if you want.

Traffic moves very slowly during rush hours, so be prepared beforehand. You might spend 40-50 minutes on the road in heavy traffic.

Finding parking spaces after the ride will be equally tricky. Additionally, you need to add way more time for your rides if there is a big concert in the city.

During these events, there will be road restrictions along with fans and participants lining up with their cars to attend the event. Expecting Vegas roads to be empty is almost a worthless prayer.

These jams can get unpredictable, so you should prepare plenty of munchies and entertainment beforehand.

Is It Hard To Drive Around Vegas?

No, it is not very hard to drive around Vegas. If the traffic is slow, you won’t have any trouble on the road at all.

Even though the traffic in Las Vegas can be a pain, driving around the city is pretty straightforward. The traffic rules in Vegas are pretty strict, so people are forced to behave.

Additionally, the authorities there has a very systematic way of approaching and clearing heavy traffic so that you won’t be stuck for long periods.

It is altogether a different case in special events and public holidays. Still, it is mostly easy to navigate by car. You can even rent a car there if you don’t prefer walking in the sun.

People here usually recommend taking the freeway when the traffic is slow. If you face problems, you can always switch and ask for directions.

Parking will be a problem, and you can’t just stop anywhere for a long time. However, the ride won’t be very tiring, so you will not require breaks for rest. 

Whatever you do, always avoid driving drunk. It is a public safety issue, and you will face a heavy penalty if caught.

It will sound very risqué, but avoiding these bad decisions is best. You can get a cab or choose to drink near your hotel to avoid these problems. 

How Long Is The Drive From Los Angeles To Las Vegas?

The drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and vice versa is around 4-5 hours in slow traffic. During rush hours, you might spend more than 7 hours at a time.

Countless people drive to Las Vegas from LA. My brother lives in Los Angeles and often parties on his weekends. It does take quite a while to travel during the weekends, but he doesn’t essentially care.

If it were up to me, I would just wait for the weekdays to drive to either of the two cities. You can arrive at your destination before the weekend rush and leave the town during slow traffic.

What Time Is Rush Hour In Vegas?

Rush hours in Vegas mainly lie between 7 to 9 AM and 4 – 6 PM. During weekends, traffic is consistently heavy almost throughout the entire day.

The timings for rush hour in Las Vegas are like in any other city. Early mornings and late evenings are the worst times to drive.

However, you can easily avoid these rush hours by traveling after midnight. Most people are usually in a part mood at this time, so traffic is less.

You can also take a nice afternoon ride after lunch in the city. However, temperatures soar during the afternoon, so be careful of that.

Final Remarks

Traveling through Las Vegas is not as difficult as it seems. It is a great way to travel across the city if you want to save time.

Sure the traffic here sucks at times, but it’s not a big problem. You simply have to trust the traffic to get cleared in a while.

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve talked about. 

You can travel across Las Vegas in under 20 minutes. During rush hours, this time can increase to around 50 minutes.