Can You Drive To Barrow In Alaska? (Guide)

No, you cannot and should not drive to Point Barrow. Roads do not connect the place, and it is not recommended to go on dangerous terrain.

People have been going gaga over Pint Barrow, which happens to be one of the northernmost points of Alaska. It is located above Utqiaġvik and further 9 miles into the north.

The sheer remoteness of the place has attracted many tourists here for a quick vacation. People have planned to visit the place and enjoy the barren mountains.

However, there is one impediment to this plan. It is how you will be traveling to Point Barrow. 

If you are someone who has been making plans to drive to Point Barrow, you should read this article carefully. I will give you all the details about how to travel and what you should not do.

How Do You Get To Point Barrow By Road?

Can You Drive To Barrow, Alaska?

To reach Barrow, you should first reach Prudhoe Bay through the Dalton Highway. From Prudhoe Bay, you need to take a plane to Barrow.

Driving to your destination can be a fun road trip with friends and family. However, not every place is accessible by road.

If we are talking about the mountains, the question of roads is something you should think about. Sadly, in Alaska, the terrain has made it rather impossible to have roads everywhere.

While traveling to Point Barrow might seem like a good idea, there are some problems with the travel methods. Roads in Alaska do not lead to Point Barrow.

It is a relatively remote spot in the northernmost region of Alaska. Naturally, it is simply not possible to take a car to Point Barrow.

Some people have very stupidly tried to drive off-road to reach Point Barrow. Let me tell you that almost all of these cases have ended in disaster.

It is not safe to drive off the road in the mountains. You should stay on good and go till the end of the paved road at Prudhoe Bay. 

From here, the only way you can reach Point Barrow will be via flights. It is a relatively expensive mode of transport but also happens to be the only one.

It would be best to fly to Point Barrow since trekking is somewhat tricky. Regular flights take people to and from Point Barrow, so there will be no issues with this mode of travel.

What Is The Farthest North You Can Drive In Alaska?

The northernmost point that you can drive to in Alaska will be Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay. This place marks the end of the Dalton Highway. 

Dalton Highway happens to be the road that will take you to the northernmost point of the USA. It links from the Elliott Highway and stretches 414 miles to Dead Horse in Prudhoe Bay.

Several people frequently use this highway to drive to Prudhoe Bay and other resort towns. If you are planning to visit places like Point Barrow and Utqiaġvik, you must follow this highway until the end.

Can You Drive On The Alaska Highway Without A Passport?

No, you cannot drive on the Alaska Highway without a passport. Since highway also lies partly in Canada, you need a valid passport on this road. 

Many people often get confused when they hear this fact. It is not common to have passports to drive on a single highway.

There is a reasonable explanation about why you need one for the Alaska Highway. Many people may not know that a good part of the Alaska Highway is located in Canada.

The road does serve as a connector better between the two countries of Canada and The USA. Therefore, you must carry a passport when using the Alaska Highway. 

Is Barrow Alaska Worth Visiting?

Barrow is a relatively small place in Alaska that doesn’t have a lot of tourist attractions. However, if you like to have a quaint tour of the mountains, it will be worth it to you.

Although Barrow Alaska is now a trending spot for a vacation, it doesn’t have much to offer. Sure, the place’s scenic beauty is unmatched, but that’s about it.

You won’t find many places to visit or things to see. A few whale bones here and there and a cultural museum is all it has.

Since it is so hard to access, it is an expensive trip. Flight prices to Barrow from Prudhoe Bay itself are pretty pricey. 

All in all, it won’t be a super bad trip. However, you need to look for other places if you want adventure and family-friendly activities.

The place is less crowded, so you won’t have to worry about being surrounded by people. It can be a super quiet vacation in the heart of nature.

Of course, you can also boast that you have traveled to the northern end of the USA. Ultimately, the trip will be worth it only if you can justify spending so much on it.

Final Remarks 

So, I am pretty sure I was able to give you all the details about traveling to Barrow. While the place is indeed super beautiful, I recommend conducting more research before planning a trip.

Additionally, always try to avoid driving off-road as it may result in a disaster. It would be best if you did not mess with the risky terrain at any time of the year.

If you have missed anything, here is a quick article recap.

You cannot drive up to Barrow, Alaska. The Dalton Highway only reaches Prudhoe Bay and ends at Dead Horse.