What Do 60 Degrees Feel Like? (Hot Or Cold)

60 degrees can feel like a heatwave in winter but can feel cold during summer.

Describing how it feels can be complex and confusing if you have yet to feel the temperature yourself.

While most of the world measures their temperatures in Celsius, the US and UK hang on to the Imperial system and, by extension, Fahrenheit.

While 60 degrees (C) may cause third-degree burns all over the body and irreversible damage to cells, 60 degrees (F) is t-shirt weather here in America.

If you are shifting from Celsius or need to remember what 60 degrees feels like, I will explain that to you through this article.

How Do 60 Degrees Fahrenheit Feel?

What Do 60 Degrees (F) Feel Like? (Must Read)

Depending on where you are, what you are doing, and the temperature outside, 60 degrees can range from warm to slightly chilly.

While temperature is experienced differently by all of us, we can safely assume that 60 degrees sit right in the middle of the temperature spectrum.

For many, it might be hard to pin down what 60 degrees feels like, it is not too hot, and it is not too cold- you do not need to wear jackets and scarfs but also can’t wear tank tops and shorts.

In many places around the country, 60 degrees is the mean temperature and is mainly observed during the spring and fall seasons.

However, even during any given season, the same temperature could feel different if it is a mainly sunny fall or cloudy day in the spring.

Are 60 Degrees Hot Or Cold?

Sixty degrees is cold for interiors and is warm when you are outside.

Some call 60 degrees the ‘perfect’ temperature across all seasons, as it can feel warm in spring and cool during the fall season.

As for a definitive answer, there is none. How this temperature feels can vary dramatically depending on many factors.

If you are outside, the clothing you wear changes how this temperature feels, as do other factors like motion, wind speed, and direct sunlight.

When you are outdoors, you are most likely walking or moving around under direct sunlight, which might make 60 degrees feel warmer in the spring, as you would expect it to be.

However, we are conditioned to think indoors is more comforting and pleasant, especially during winter, which could make the same temperature feel different.

Are 60 Degrees Warm Enough For The Beach?

Sixty degrees is too cold for comfort at the beach. It would help to wait until it gets warmer for a better experience, especially for swimming.

If you plan to visit a beach and are willing to run the risk of being cold, 60 degrees will do just fine if you only want to stay on the beach and not swim.

The kind of day and wind patterns also affect how this can feel. A sunny day with a light breeze can feel hugely different from a cloudy day with strong winds.

Everybody goes to the beach for a swim, and you probably have that in mind too. Well, as attested by many, swimming at 60 degrees is not something you should consider.

On top of being too cold for a pleasant experience, 60-degree water can make controlling your breathing and swimming complex.

Hold out until the temperature reaches 70-85 degrees for an ideal time at the beach for swimming and sunbathing.

Do You Need Sunscreen At 60 Degrees Fahrenheit?

Yes, though 60 degrees might seem cold, you must use sunscreen at this temperature.

Contrary to what you might think, deciding whether to put on sunscreen before you step out does not depend on the temperature.

Well, it is called sunscreen, and its function is to protect you from sun rays, not shield you from a higher or lower temperature.

People wear sunscreen whenever the sun is out, even if it is a 60-degree day or colder. Sunscreen protects us from UV rays, which are always present irrespective of temperature.

Instead of wondering if you need to wear sunscreen depending on the temperature that day, a better way to go about it is to see how sunny or cloudy it is.

In any case, I recommend wearing sunscreen every time you plan to go out, as it also decreases your likelihood of developing skin cancer.

What Can I Wear In 60 Degrees Weather?

In 60-degree weather, you can wear light to medium-weight fabrics like cotton, silk, and merino wool.

1. Tops

Start with a light first layer, like a tee or tank top, and add a light sweater, sweatshirt, windbreaker, or jacket to finish up your top half.

2. Bottoms

Sweatpants, tailored pants, and any pant that is not too heavy should do fine at this temperature. If you like to wear shorts, opt for longer-length shorts.

3. Shoes

Sixty degrees is too warm for heavy boots but too cold for flip-flops so you can opt for sneakers, loafers, closed heels, or oxfords.

4. Dresses

Dresses are a fantastic choice when paired with another layer on top.

Final Remarks

While temperature readings can be beneficial sometimes, they can be just as confusing. If you are not used to Fahrenheit measurements or have just forgotten what 60 degrees feels like, I cleared your doubts through this article.

Here is what I want you to take away from this article.

What do 60 degrees (f) feel like?

Sixty degrees sit right in the middle of the temperature scale and does not feel too hot or too cold, depending on your surroundings. You should wear medium-weight clothes and always remember to wear sunscreen.