Is Cocoa Beach Safe? (Personal Experience)

Cocoa Beach in Florida is a safe beach for family outings and water activities. The area is completely safe and great for a fun vacation with family and friends. 

The beach is located in the heart of Florida and is a famous getaway for people living nearby. The beach is serene and extremely family-friendly. 

Travelling to an unknown location for a vacation can be stressful for many reasons. Many tourists wonder if serene beaches like Cocoa beach are actually safe for them. 

If you are planning to visit the Cocoa beach and have some doubts regarding the entire experience, you have come to the right place. This article will help you understand if the beach is safe for tourists. 

Is it safe to visit Cocoa Beach?

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Cocoa Beach is a pretty famous beach in Florida and is completely safe to visit. Save a few shark encounters, the beach is relatively safe for swimming and outdoor activities. 

Summers always call for a relaxing beach vacation and tanning by the seashore. This beach is one of the ideal locations for vacation since it’s extremely clean and well-maintained. 

The beach is great for having some quality time with friends and family. Since it is a safe area, students can travel here and enjoy the beach without worrying about annoying crowds. 

Crime rates at Cocoa Beach are pretty low so you won’t have to look over your shoulders every few minutes. Low crime rates also allow you to enjoy the amazing nightlife of the beach. 

Swimmers and surfers will also prefer the beach for its clear water and challenging waves. However, precautions must be taken because these waters are infested with deadly sharks. 

Is Cocoa Beach family-friendly? 

Cocoa Beach is a serene beach that is completely family-friendly. The low crime rates in the town allow families to enjoy the beach in peace. 

The beach is actually free from large and noisy crowds so you can take your family here without ease. Your children will have plenty of space to run around without parents worrying about their safety.

There are plenty of comfortable hotels and AirBnBs around so finding accommodation won’t be a problem at all. Additionally, there are plenty of restaurants which serve a variety of cuisines so eating out won’t be a problem. 

The empty beach also allows families to indulge in outdoor beach activities. The local population is pretty small so you won’t have to worry about locals crowding the area on weekends and holidays. 

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Is Cocoa Beach safe to swim in? 

Cocoa Beach is relatively safe to swim in as long as you are careful of the waves. However, there is a shark infestation problem in the area so swimmers are advised to stay cautious.

When visiting the beach, you have to be careful of the high waves which may catch you by surprise. 

They are great for surfing but you should be careful not to go too deep when swimming. The beach has trained lifeguards on duty to help swimmers in need of assistance. 

There are 4 Lifeguard Stations in Cocoa Beach to help tourists if the need arises. These four stations are located at Shepard Park, Lori Wilson Park, Minutemen Causeway, and Cocoa Beach Pier. 

Ideally, when swimming at Cocoa Beach, it’s recommended to stay close to the shore. Also, avoid letting children in the water without adult supervision. 

Is Cocoa Beach water shark infested? 

Cocoa Beach is one of the most shark-infested beaches in Florida. There have been many cases of shark attacks at the beach so tourists should be careful. 

While the beach is peaceful and tranquil, there is a big shark infestation problem here. According to reports, Cocoa Beach has recorded 155 shark attacks which is the second highest in the state of Florida. 

Shark infestation is a serious problem in Florida, it’s not very surprising that Cocoa beach has shark attack cases. The beach is relatively safe otherwise, but the shark attacks always keep people on edge. 

However, if you are careful and don’t venture too far into the waters, you will be safe from sharks. Additionally, the lifeguards at the shore will immediately help in case there is an emergency. 

How to avoid shark attacks at the beach? 

Shark attacks are extremely common at manly beaches in the United States. To avoid these attacks, you need to follow certain steps to ensure your safety:- 

  1. Do not swim too far and isolate yourself from others who can help in emergencies. 
  2. Avoid swimming in the water at dawn or in the evening when sharks are out to look for prey. 
  3. Don’t be too close to sandbars or near steep drop-offs which are popular hiding spots for sharks. 
  4. Try not to stay in murky waters for too long as you may miss spotting sharks nearby. 
  5. Slowly back away from the water if there are sharks in sight. 
  6. Don’t try to touch or chase sharks as they may attack you to save themselves. 
  7. Refrain from spending too much time or splashing about in one place. 

Since there are lifeguards and locals around to help, in most cases, you will find help in no time. Yet, it is advisable to follow the points above and stay away from a possible attack.

Final Remarks 

While Cocoa Beach is a safe area for tourists with families and children to visit, there are certain dangers that surround the place. Shark attacks at the beach are pretty well known among locals and you should be extra careful when going swimming or surfing here. 

Here is a quick recap of what we have discussed so far. 

Cocoa Beach is a safe beach for tourists of all ages. But it also has a shark infestation problem so swimmers and surfers should be cautious at the beach.