Cedar Point Height Restrictions: Safety Regulations Explained

To ride most of the roller coasters at Cedar Point, you must be 4 feet (48 inches) tall. For safety reasons, they continue to measure height.

There are 71 rides at Cedar Point, ranging from thrilling to family-friendly. Live performances, immersive dining, and signature summer events enhance the experience.

In this article, I’ll go over Cedar Point’s height requirements. I’ll also tell you which rides 4 feet tall people can depend on. 

I will not tell you about the height requirements of other amusement parks. This article is solely based on Cedar Point height requirements.

How Tall Do You Need To Be For Cedar Point Rides?

Cedar Point Height Requirements

It would help if you were 4 feet tall to ride most of the roller coasters at Cedar Point. They keep measuring heights for safety purposes. 

The home of the world’s best roller coasters, Cedar Point, wasn’t always so grand. There were only four roller coasters at the park in 1974. 

The website has the details of each ride, including the minimum height requirement. The ticket price break is 48″ (in shoes), as most adult rides have that as their minimum height requirement.

Minimum height limits are used in the amusement ride industry to limit the size of riders allowed on board. The rider’s physical size may occasionally be a factor in the restriction. 

cedar point at night
Cedar Point looks extremely beautiful at night.

The restriction is connected to the rider’s age as a stand-in for maturity in certain circumstances. 

Young visitors can have their height verified at a height-check station by Cedar Point’s main entrance, after which they are given a specific color wristband indicating which rides they are permitted to ride.

Why Are There Height Requirements At Cedar Point?

Many people become irritated when they are prohibited from riding a particular ride. I’ll explain why there are height restrictions, and you’ll see that it’s for your safety.

1.  Body size

The safety equipment on the ride is built for a specific body type. Nothing can be created that is equally effective for any body shape or size.

2. Height factor 

If you’re too short, you’ll either slip out of the car or the lap bar, if there is one, will choke you. You’d also be thrown around in your seat. 

Having a rigid range to stick to does their job of enforcing safety procedures much more straightforwardly. 

cedar point view
Cedar Point view from top

Cedar Point Rides Height Requirement

The rides at Cedar Point are incredible. As someone who enjoys rides, I can inform you about the height requirements for rides I genuinely got on.

Rides Type of RideHeight Requirement 
Gatekeeper Roller Coaster 52”
Mantis Roller Coaster54”
Maverick Roller Coaster 52”
Raptor Roller Coaster 54”
Wicked Twister Roller Coaster 52”
MaXair Non-Coaster ride 52”
Super Himalaya High-speed circular ride52”

NOTE – After the 2021 season, Wicked Twister was taken down to make room for upcoming construction at Cedar Point. 

What Rides Are 48 Inches at Cedar Point?

The minimum height requirement for most adult rides is 48″ (in shoes). Here are some rides that you can go on.

  • Eerie Falls
  • Tube Slides, Body Slides, and Raft Slides
  • Snake River Falls
  • Wave Swinger
  • Skyhawk
  • Cedar Downs Racing Derby
  • Wildcat
  • Mean Streak
  • Millennium Force
  • Magnum XL-200
  • Iron Dragon
  • Gemini
  • Corkscrew
  • Cedar Creek Mine Ride
  • Blue Streak

Final Remarks 

People frequently wonder if they can ride a particular ride before embarking on it. I cover Cedar Point’s height restrictions in this article, along with information on which rides are accessible.

Here’s a quick summary.

How Tall Do You Need to Be for Cedar Point Rides?

It would help if you were 48 inches tall to ride most of the roller coasters at Cedar Point. They keep measuring heights for safety purposes.