Is The Bronx Safe For Tourists?

The Bronx is a safe place to visit as long as tourists stick to enjoying specific neighborhoods within the borough. It is advisable to avoid the rough areas of the Bronx to avoid any criminal activities.

If you are a baseball fan, you will want to visit your Bronx this season. The borough in New York City is home to the Yankee stadium and also is the home turf of the Yankee baseball team.

The borough of the Bronx is also famous for its beautiful botanical gardens and zoological park, one of the best in the country. Tourists from all over the world have developed an interest in visiting the Bronx due to these reasons.

However, there have been several questions about the safety of tourists in the Bronx. It is indeed one of the highest crime-laden places in NYC. 

Naturally, some people have been dissuaded from visiting the borough. However, if you know which neighborhoods to avoid, you will have a pleasant stay.

If you are planning a trip to the Bronx, this article will give you information on these problem areas. Keep reading to know which places you should stick to if you want an uneventful visit.

Is The Bronx A Safe Tourist Spot?

Is the Bronx Safe To Visit?

The Bronx is a safe neighborhood for tourists visiting the populated areas. It’s recommended to avoid going to the Bronx after midnight. 

Recently, Bronx has become a popular tourist spot near New York City.

The Yankee stadium is the main attraction of the borough, and people who want to watch the game often make travel plans to the borough. The place has been developing rapidly and included newer tourist attractions to have more people visit the Bronx. 

However, as we all know, the place doesn’t have the best criminal record when compared to other neighborhoods of NYC. It has high crime rates that can be quite alarming for tourists.

Now, the question is, do you visit the Bronx during your tour of NYC? The simple answer to this would be a loud yes.

You can enjoy the city with all its tourist attractions as long as you stay in safe neighborhoods. Like any other place in the world, the Bronx has some unsafe places you must avoid.

There is no reason to be scared if you plan your holiday and avoid visiting places like Port Morris and Longwood. However, you can see the zoo and the gardens without worry.

Which Part Of The Bronx Is Safe?

The eastern and western areas of the Bronx are the safest. The best spots to visit and settle in the Bronx include Riverdale, Morris Park, and Country Club.

If you are visiting the Bronx or want to settle down in this area, you need to learn more about the sage places in the borough. There are many excellent neighborhoods in the Bronx that are perfect for both tourists and locals alike.

You can travel to these places and spend some time in peace. Here are some of my top recommendations when visiting the Bronx.

1. Riverdale

Riverdale is one of the poshest neighborhoods in the Bronx. The crime rates in these parts are lower than in other sections of the Bronx.

You can settle here in peaceful neighborhoods that primarily house small families and retired persons. If you are a tourist, you can visit places like Riverdale Park, Wave Hill Public Garden, Riverdale Children’s Theatre, and Bell Tower Park. 

2. Kingsbridge

Kingsbridge is one of the more affordable places in the Bronx. This area is more suited for bachelors and students.

It is an entirely safe area with some excellent places of interest. Some of my top recommendations to visit are Van Cortlandt Park, Ewen Park, Bronx Alehouse, and the nearby hiking trails.

3. Morris Park 

Morris Park is the poshest area in the Bronx and is among one of the safest places. This section mostly has mansions and duplexes and is well protected with proper security systems.

This will be the ideal neighborhood if you want to settle in the Bronx. For regular tourists, Bronx Zoo, Van Nest Lanes, and F&J Pine are the most popular places to visit and enjoy.

What Is The Most Unsafe Area In The Bronx?

South Bronx is the most unsafe area in the entire Bronx region. This area has the highest crime rates, with criminal activities occurring almost daily.

If there is one neighborhood you must avoid in the Bronx, it would be the entire Southern Bronx. This area is known to be the hub of criminal activity primarily because of the drug racket that runs throughout most neighborhoods.

Only a few settlers prefer this location due to its infamous nature. The high crime rates have also discouraged tourist places from being developed in the area.

Is The Area Around Bronx Zoo Safe?

Yes, the area around the Bronx Zoo is entirely safe. The zoo is located in one of the best and safest neighborhoods in the Bronx borough. 

The Bronx Zoo is located in Morris Park, which belongs to the safer section of the borough. As I’ve said before, the security here is almost unparalleled, and the area is generally quite safe.

You can easily stay over near Bronx Zoo and take a tour when you visit the place. It is also a great place to settle if you are willing to pay the hefty price.

Final Remarks 

So, I have covered everything I know about the Bronx to help you with your trip. While I strongly recommend settling in other places near NYC, going for a visit is always welcome.

I have lived in Morris Park for a while now and know when and where to go if you are new to the area or simply visiting, roaming around during the day.

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve discussed in this article. 

It is safe to visit the Bronx. However, it is better to avoid South Bronx due to its high crime rates.