Can You Take A Boat To Hawaii? (HONEST Experience)

Yes, tourists traveling from the USA can take a boat or a yacht to Hawaii. Parts of the USA are incredibly close to this tourist destination, so multiple boat services are available on this route.

Hawaii is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, especially if you are a fan of beaches. The beaches here are exquisite, and the beautiful scenery can swoon any traveler.

With hills, mountains, and beaches, Hawaii has it all and can be the ideal vacation for most Americans. Its proximity to the mainland USA is a great plus for people in the country.

Not only are several flight services available from almost all parts of the USA to Hawaii, but you can also reach this island by boat. The beautiful ride through the rich blue water makes boat rides here highly lucrative.

I have visited Hawaii several times and know quite a bit about the place. Earlier I used to travel here by air, but recently I have found it much more enjoyable to take a cruise to this beautiful island.

If you are planning a getaway to this exotic island, you should check this article for more information. Here, I will give you all the details about reaching Hawaii by boat so you can plan your tour even better.

Can You Reach Hawaii By Boat?

Can You Take A Boat To Hawaii?

Yes, tourists can reach Hawaii by boat. It’s not located very far from the mainland USA and is easily accessible from California. 

Many people may need to learn that Hawaii can be reached in multiple ways than one. While it is much faster to get to Hawaii by air, it’s not the most enjoyable ride.

On the other hand, reaching Hawaii by boat or cruise is a much better option. You won’t have to stare at the barren sky while you travel to your dream destination.

A boat ride from the mainland USA to Hawaii will be a delightful journey where you can enjoy the ocean thoroughly. The ride will take you through the deep blue sea, and you might spot dolphins and sharks.

Although cruises take a long time to reach Hawaii from other parts of the USA, they will provide the ultimate luxury experience for tourists. Some cruises take weeks to reach Hawaii, but the journey is far from boring.

A cruise to Hawaii will allow you to get into the party mood before you reach your destination. The nightlife on cruise ships to Hawaii is something to rave about, and there are fun activities for people of all ages.

They may be slightly expensive, but if you can spare the money, you will have an experience of a lifetime. From California itself, you will reach Hawaii pretty easily.

However, from other parts, it will be slightly tricky to reach this destination. The navigation rules in the USA are rather odd, so the travel time is slightly longer than it should be.

You can look up all available options and then decide on one based on your budget and time. Many popular travel companies operate boat or cruise rides between Hawaii and the mainland USA.

You can even travel to Hawaii via boats from Mexico and Canada, among many other countries. Most nations near Hawaii have plenty of deals on cruise rides to this holiday destination.

How Long Does It Take A Boat To Get To Hawaii?

On average, a boat from the southwest coast of the USA will take around seven days to reach Hawaii. Sometimes it may take over two weeks, depending on the source port and country.

Cruise ships and boats reach Hawaii in 5-7 days from San Diego and the California coast. However, the time might be significantly longer if you are traveling from elsewhere. 

Some cruise ships have elaborate tour packages that take around two weeks to reach Hawaii. However, you can opt for the shortest tour if you are in a time crunch.

The time taken to reach Hawaii is pretty long because of port restrictions. It would help if you traveled to Hawaii via any international port in the USA.

Therefore, most cruise ships must take a detour to reach an international port before landing in Hawaii. If you are traveling from other countries, there are no such restrictions. 

The best way to reach Hawaii without taking the extra detour would be via Mexico and Canada. Since these countries don’t have detour stipulations, reaching Hawaii would be much easier and faster from here.

How Much Would It Cost To Take A Boat To Hawaii?

On average, boat rides from the South-West coast of the USA to Hawaii can cost around $1000. A ferry ride through San Francisco, California, and Honolulu is priced at $39 only.

Sailing to Hawaii from the mainland USA can cost a pretty penny. It is enough to make people think twice if they are on a tight budget.

Average cruise prices from the USA range from 1000-2000 dollars. The overall costs depend on the cruise you take and the benefits or perks included in the package.

The longer the ride, the bigger the price attached to it. Luxury rides from the USA can start at 3000 dollars and go up to much more.

If you hire a yacht, you will pay much more than this. This option is unsuitable for most people since it costs a lot, even for a one-way ride.

Is It Cheaper To Fly To Hawaii Or Take A Boat?

The difference between the prices of flights and cruise fares to Hawaii mostly depends on the season. However, sometimes it is cheaper to reach Hawaii by boat.

Considering the prices of hotels and inland travel expenses, taking a cruise will be cheaper. Sure it does extend your travel time, but the all-inclusive prices make it worthwhile.

However, you will find cheaper plane deals if you are an early bird and have your flights booked in advance. You can also look up cheap hotels and restaurants that won’t drain your savings and let you enjoy the trip without worry.

Final Remarks 

I hope to highlight the pros and cons of traveling to Hawaii by boat through this article. Boats make a pretty scenic journey but take a long time to travel.

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve talked about.

You can take a boat to Hawaii from the USA and its neighboring countries. However, the travel time via boat will range around 5-15 days on average.

NOTE: If you are seasick, skip it entirely. Getting ill on your vacation is a strict no-no, especially when spending that much money.