Why Are Flights To Seattle So Expensive? (LOGIC)

Flights to Seattle are expensive because of the high demand, especially during the tourist season. Additionally, with the rise in gas prices around the USA, airlines have been forced to hike their prices.

People who fly to Seattle periodically often wonder why the prices of flights are so high. If we consider the costs of flights recently, there has been a massive hike for Seattle flights.

Paying so much money for a single flight can make you go broke. It doesn’t make sense to most people because Seattle is not supposed to be as busy and crowded as NYC or LA.

If you are wondering about the same, you have come to the right place. In this article, I have included all details on Seattle flights.

As a frequent flyer, I will explain the steep rise in flight prices and when you can get a discount. Additionally, I will also explain why the flights here are so expensive. 

Why Is Flying To Seattle So Expensive?

Why Are Flights To Seattle So Expensive?

Flying to Seattle can be expensive because the airport has many flyers. The demand for flights is exceptionally high during the festive seasons.

You may be surprised to know that Seattle airport receives a lot of flyers. Apart from tourists, some businessmen come here from time to time.

Seattle has been developing as an essential business hub in the USA. The rise in the number of industries and workspaces means that people frequently come here from other places.

The tourist season in Seattle also receives a lot of people who come here to enjoy the city. People fly home to Seattle during the festive season to meet their families.

All these factors are responsible for the rising flight prices in Seattle. Since I travel to Seattle for work, I can tell you that the airport is always crowded.

If you take into account the rise in gas prices, it makes complete sense. All airlines have been forced to hike their prices to meet rising fuel costs.

People traveling to Seattle from a remote location must pay more according to flight times.

Sure, you can try some simple tricks to minimize flight prices. However, this is only applicable in select seasons. Also, it would be best if you remember that discounts can be availed only up to a specific limit.

What Time Of Year Is It Cheapest To Fly To Seattle?

According to this year’s statistics, February seems to be the cheapest month to travel to Seattle. With the end of the Christmas season, flight prices seem to go down significantly. 

From February to April, you will find that the prices of flights stay low. However, as summer approaches, the influx of tourists also increases.

This means that the prices will rise again due to the high demand. The hike in price then continues throughout the summer, autumn, and winter and finally ends after Christmas and New year.

Price Of Seattle Fights

Origin AirportRound Trip Prices
New York City From $232
Los Angeles From $178
Chicago From $118
Washington From $198
San Francisco From $118

The prices of flights to Seattle mainly vary on the date and time of travel. If you are traveling during the off-season, you will be paying the base prices.

However, flights will be on the upper end of the price range during holidays and summers. Flight prices may even go up to 400 dollars during the holiday season.

Additionally, traveling on weekends will also cost more money. You can easily add a couple of twenties if you plan to travel on the weekend.

What Airline Flies Most To Seattle?

United Airlines has the most flights to Seattle. You will find a chartered United flight to Seattle from almost anywhere in the USA.

Now, a lot of airlines operate between Seattle and other cities. Some top airlines operating here include Alaska Airlines, Delta, American Airlines, KLM, and Qatar Air.

Most airlines in the USA have special flights to Seattle from significant cities. You can compare prices online and then book one that looks more profitable. 

What Days Of The Week Are Cheapest To Fly?

The cheapest time to fly would be mid-week, around Tuesday and Wednesday. The weekends stay extremely busy, with many flyers traveling through the airport.

Most people like to plan their vacations towards the end of the week. Since offices mostly stay closed on the weekends, people tend to travel during this time more often.

The start of the week is also pretty hectic for airports since people will return from their trips during these days. However, the midweek sees fewer travelers and is the perfect time to fly.

If you have a flexible schedule, I suggest planning a flight between Tuesday and Thursday. You will face fewer problems with queues and won’t have to travel in a crowd.

Final Remarks 

So, I’m pretty sure you now know everything about flying to Seattle. As a frequent flier, I have shared my knowledge of airlines and why you pay so much for a flight.

Always remember that when booking flights, it’s best to compare prices. You will not only find a great deal but also save a lot of money if you book wisely.

If you have missed anything from this article, here’s a quick recap.

Flights to Seattle are expensive because many people travel through this airport. Late winter and early spring are less crowded, and flight prices stay the lowest.