What To Wear In Vegas In November? (Mistakes To AVOID)

Lightweight jackets and sweaters are ideal to be worn in Vegas in November

Fall in Las Vegas is a little chilly, especially at night, with the temperatures falling from 74°F to 60°F. However, in the past couple of years, the temperature also fell as low as 50°F to 37°F in November.

Visiting Las Vegas in November is a great time since you can escape the hot temperatures of spring and summer. Still, it is always a dilemma what to pack for your trip in November weather.

While discussing the weather in Las Vegas in November, we will also tell you what clothes you can take on your trip.

I will not do too technical with the topic, but we will also discuss if November is a good time to visit the city in Nevada. We will also look for some tips for your trip in November, so let’s dive into this topic.

How Is The Weather In Las Vegas In November?

What To Wear In Vegas In November?

Weather in Las Vegas in November is pretty mild, with the average temperature generally about 15°C or 59°F.

The days are not as hot in Las Vegas as the fall season sets in. The daily average temperature drops as the days pass by, the average ranging from 59°F to 48°F generally.

However, it is the perfect time to carry a light sweater or jacket with you, especially during the night as the air gets chilly.

November might be the best time to visit the city if you’re not a big fan of the summer Sun. 

The temperature in November is pleasant, and the atmosphere is seasonal. This season also invites Thanksgiving decorations around the city.

Early mornings in November are about 44°F on average during the month, with a nice sun outside. However, as the day progresses, this temperature goes up to 68°F.

Nights are colder despite being at higher temperatures than the mornings. 57°F feels cool in the evenings when paired with the chilly night air, which might require you to wear warmer clothing.

What Clothes To Take To Vegas In November?

It is best to pack some lightweight sweaters and jackets as the fall season in Las Vegas can be a little chilly, especially during the nights when chilly air blows

Packing for a trip to Las Vegas in November can be tricky as you can never be sure if it will be warm or chilly.

But keep in mind to pack your usual summer trip clothes and add lightweight sweaters, jackets, and full-length jeans to cover yourself.

On pleasant days when the sun is out, it is warm enough in Las Vegas, and you can wear dresses out for lunch or bikini suits for swims. However, suppose you’re going to cool air-conditioned casinos or clubs. In that case, it is advised to take a lightweight sweater or a big bulky scarf, whatever of these two compliments your outfit.

Daytime weather in Las Vegas during November is fine enough for summer clothes. However, in the evenings, it is cold enough to ditch the dress or shorts and wear a sweater and pants to cover most part of your body.

1. Womenswear

The weather in Las Vegas in November is cold enough to take out your vintage sweaters, jumpers, or even leather jackets. So don’t hesitate to take them with you on the trip.

You can notch up your style statement by pairing your dress with a long coat if you are planning to go to aur-conditioned casinos that tend to be colder than outside.

Days are a little warmer than the nights, so it is best to wear comfortable summer clothes if you go outside in the sun.

Bikinis and swimsuits are still required for heated baths and pools.

Following is a list of what you can wear for your Vegas Trip.

Morning to Afternoon:

  1. T-shirts and light blouses
  2. Shorts and light jeans
  3. Skits and summer dresses
  4. Light cardigan or sweater over your dresses
  5. Bodysuits or jumpsuits
  6. Sneakers, sandals, etc. for footwear
  7. Bikinis, swimsuits, etc


  1. Cardigan or sweater
  2. Jeans, trousers, or leggings
  3. Knitted dresses
  4. Chunky scarves
  5. Boots or loafers
  6. Leather jacket, blazer or coat, etc

2. Menswear

The weather in Las Vegas in November is cold enough to take out your sweaters, jackets, and turtlenecks. So don’t hesitate to take them with you on the trip.

Layering is the key for men to dress warmly in a stylish way.

Shirts and warm trousers will keep you warm all the way. You can also wear t-shirts and jeans and layer them with a jacket or a hoodie.

Shackets are in season for menswear, so if you think you can pull them off, do not hesitate.

Following is a list of what you can wear for your Vegas Trip.

Morning to Afternoon:

  1. Long and short sleeve t-shirts
  2. Jeans and trousers
  3. Denim jacket, sweater
  4. Sneakers, sandals
  5. Swimming trunks


  1. Smart button-down shirt
  2. Dress in pants or trousers (for fancy dinner nights)
  3. A tuxedo or fitted blazer (for casino nights)
  4. Sweater or long overcoat if it’s still cold
  5. A well-matched tie
  6. Dress shoes

Is November A Good Time To Visit Vegas?

November is the best time to visit Las Vegas if you are not a big fan of summer heat and sun.

Spring and fall seasons are generally the most moderate time for the weather. This is why these are the best times to visit anywhere, especially Las Vegas when it’s neither too hot nor too cold.

The city sees a lot of tourists during these months, so November might be a little overcrowded, but if you plan your trip properly, you might not face any bumps on the way.

With the winter season just around the corner, autumn might be the best time to visit the city. The summer heat begins to wane, and tourist traffic dies down by November end.

So, traveling in the city in November might save you the rush hour and give you a taste of the city’s holiday season, especially Thanksgiving.

Tips For November Vegas Tour

Following is a list of tips if you plan to travel to Las Vegas in November.

1. Unpredictable weather conditions

Weather can be unpredictable, so you’re advised to carry something warm too. Mornings can be as hot as 80°F with the heatwave, and the chilly winds can still blow at night, dropping the temperature drastically.

2. Dry Weather

November is the driest month of the year in the city. The average rainfall is less than 9mm throughout the month, typically spreading over two days.

3. Tourist rush

November might be one of the busiest months, with double the tourist influx compared to in spring season. So, you might find a lot of famous places to be overcrowded.

4. Increased prices

During the spring and fall seasons, the prices increase threefold sometimes. The round-trip air tickets could cost anywhere between $500 to $800 too.

Final Remarks

In this article, we tried to present what you could wear in Vegas in November by creating a definitive guide on the subject.

Let’s briefly go over this topic once again.

What to wear in Vegas in November? The temperature starts dropping in this month as the fall season arrives. It is advised to pack a couple of lightweight jackets and sweaters for your trip.