Does Tommy Bahama Have A Kid’s Menu?

Tommy Bahama does have a kid’s menu with many items on it. On their kid’s menu, you will find dishes like pasta, pizza, chicken tenders, etc.

If you love visiting gourmet restaurants in the USA, I am sure you have heard about Tommy Bahama.

It is undoubtedly one of the country’s best restaurants, with some delectable cuisine. No wonder there is always a long line of people waiting to eat out at this place.

However, since it is a relatively upscale restaurant, people worry about the set menu here. People with kids wonder if they can bring their children to eat at Tommy Bahama. 

If you are one such parent, you should definitely read this article. In this article, I will tell you everything about Tommy Bahama and help you decide. 

Does Tommy Bahamas Have A Children’s Menu?

Tommy Bahama Kids Menu

Yes, Tommy Bahama does have a special kid’s menu that is available all the time. On this menu, you will find appetizers, main course items, and desserts.

Many people with children have expressed their desire to bring them to Tommy Bahama. However, we all know that kids don’t particularly enjoy gourmet meals.

This creates a problem for parents who want to enjoy a meal at an upscale restaurant. Leaving your kids hungry while you gorge on your favorite dishes is also terrible.

Neither can you bring along your food when visiting restaurants. So, what’s the solution to this problem?

Well, fear not because Tommy Bahama has your concerns in mind. They have a special kid’s menu for toddlers and small kids.

This menu has limited options and some great dishes popular among children. For appetizers, you can order chicken tenders for your kids.

The main course at Tommy Bahama has pizza, pasta, and steak on their kid’s menu. Additionally, there is an ice cream sundae for desserts.

You can pass over the menu to your kids and let them select it. I am pretty sure your child will love what Tommy Bahama offers.

I took my five-year-old toddler to Tommy Bahama last winter. There were absolutely no complaints from her side, and she loved the chicken tenders a lot.

While the kid’s menu will look unappetizing or not good enough, trust me, your kids will like it. They will be more than satisfied with what they order from the kid’s menu.

If your child is slightly older, you can let them try the dessert options on the adult’s menu. However, they will be more expensive than the kid’s dessert.

This is one complaint I have about the Tommy Bahama kid’s menu. They don’t have adequate dessert options.

Most kids out there love desserts and will be disappointed with the limited options on the menu. Hopefully, they will consider it and add more items.

Does Tommy Bahama Have A Dress Code?

No, Tommy Bahama does not have a dress code. You can wear whatever you want but remember to keep it casual.

Tommy Bahama has a rather laid-back ambiance compared to many other top restaurants in the US. They don’t have or enforce any sort of dress code here. You are welcome to wear whatever makes you comfortable.

However, I recommend you avoid formals here. It would be best if you wear informal or casual clothes of any kind.

How Many Tommy Bahama Locations Are There?

Type Locations 
Retail Store160
Restaurant and Bar16

Tommy Bahama presently has around 160 outlets all over the world. Of their 160 retail stores, 16 have the Tommy Bahama Restaurant and bar.

You will be surprised to know that Tommy Bahama has quite a lot of stores in and out of the US.

The company has even expressed its desire to expand further, especially for its restaurants. Additionally, it will open more stores worldwide to make its products more accessible. 

When Did The First Tommy Bahama Restaurant Open?

The first Tommy Bahama restaurant to be opened was back in 1996. The restaurant outlet of Tommy Bahama was first launched in Naples, Florida. 

The year 1996 saw the first ever Tommy Bahama Restaurant open. They were already a well-known clothing brand back in the day.

Their popularity made them rethink their brand and introduce newer segments. Tommy Bahama Restaurant and Bar rounded off the founders’ vision and made it complete.

Final Remarks 

So, with that being said, we have finally reached the end of this article. I hope all the information I have provided has been helpful to you. 

If you have missed anything from this article, you need not worry. Here is a quick recap of the article mentioned below.

Tommy Bahama does have a kid’s menu. It comes with dishes like pizza, pasta, steak, and chicken tenders.