Should You Tip Gas Attendants In Oregon? (SOLVED!)

You may or may not choose to tip your gas attendant in Oregon. While it’s illegal to pump your own gas, the attendant service is free.

Tipping is an annoying issue that keeps cropping up everywhere in America. People living in the country often need clarification when they go to different countries and find out that tipping is optional. 

While I understand that tipping good service is a nice gesture on the part of the customer, it is only sometimes the case. Sometimes you will be bound to tip even for a mediocre service just because it’s a norm.

However, as I’ve discovered pretty late in life, tipping is optional on all occasions. If you are a new resident of Oregon or simply traveling here, you will wonder about the tipping culture here.

People who are confused about gas attendants in Oregon don’t have to fret anymore. In this article, I talk about all the details of buying gas in Oregon and whether you have to tip the attendant at the station.

Is It Customary To Tip Gas Attendants In Oregon?

Do You Tip Gas Attendants In Oregon?

It’s common to leave tips for gas attendants in Oregon. You can, however, tip them as a friendly gesture for their excellent service.

Oddly, most places don’t give servers and attendants adequate salaries and expect customers to pay huge tips. I will tip if the service is fantastic, but hoping it from everyone’s a little weird.

After shifting to Oregon, I have found that the state has banned self-service at gas stations. There are dedicated attendants who pump the gas into your vehicle, and all you have to do is pay for the gas.

The first few days, I was bummed that I would also have to tip someone for gas. Gas prices have skyrocketed, and adding another 20% would definitely hit me where it hurts.

But guess what I found? You can skip tipping the gas attendants. While making self-service illegal in Oregon, the state has kept in mind the problems of tipping.

Therefore, the attendants at gas stations don’t expect you to tip. They are pretty happy with their wages, and the gas stations pay decently.

I do sometimes tip gas attendants because they have become friendly with me. But you can always skip if you want to avoid paying extra.

How Much To Tip Gas Attendants In Oregon?

If you want to tip gas attendants, 15-20% of the bill will be good enough. Since tipping is not compulsory, you can pay as low as 10% if the amount is a lot.

Many still insist on paying tips out of goodwill or as a customary gesture. Even I pay tips at the gas station whenever I can spare some cash.

The good thing about tipping gas attendants is that they will be happy with what they receive. Oregon has no entitlement involved, unlike some places I’ve seen in other states.

You can go for a standard 20% of the bill, which is common in all places. But you can also bring it down to 10% if the account is huge.

I understand that not everyone can pay much for tips, so there is no pressure. However, I advise you not to throw around five bucks as tips anywhere.

Can It Cause A Problem If You Don’t Tip Gas Attendants In Oregon?

No, there won’t be a problem if you don’t tip gas attendants in Oregon. You can tip them if you want, but it’s not compulsory or even customary.

It’s common for people to assume that you have to tip everyone around you. However, in the case of gas attendants, there is no such rule.

Gas stations don’t expect people to tip their employees. Furthermore, the employees themselves don’t expect tips.

Sure they are welcome if you want to tip, but they won’t mind if you won’t. They won’t cause a scene or demand tips as servers do. 

Why Does Oregon Have Gas Attendants?

Oregon has banned self-service at gas stations because untrained people handling inflammable fluids is dangerous. Additionally, it was enforced to avoid problems faced by senior citizens and disabled persons.

Now, there are several reasons why Oregon has banned self-service. The most compelling argument of the state is that untrained people handling gasoline are dangerous and unsafe.

Additionally, only some people at gas stations keep safety procedures in mind. They may end up causing a fire accident that will cost the gas station a lot of money in damages.

Moreover, the state was worried that self-service gas stations posed a disadvantage for elderly and disabled people. In this case, attendants would be highly appreciated. 

Final Remarks

So, I am sure you now know everything about gas stations in Oregon. While people from other states find the process odd, the residents prefer it this way.

You can always enjoy services for free since tipping is not mandatory. You won’t even have to get out of the car to fill your tank.

Here’s a quick recap.

It is not customary to tip gas attendants in Oregon. You can tip out of goodwill, but it’s not compulsory.