What Is The World’s Tastiest Water?

The water from Siruvani Falls is often considered the world’s tastiest water. However, some sources say that Evian Water has the best taste.

Water is something that is an indispensable part of our lives. While many people take water for granted, others treat this exceptional resource with the respect it deserves. Most people may feel that water is tasteless and the flavor doesn’t change, no matter where you are from.

However, there are different grades and brands of water that will prove this idea wrong. Water from certain places and brands has been labeled from best to worst.

If you are someone who is baffled by this information, this article is for you. Here, I will tell you details on the best-tasting water and what causes its taste to differ.

Which Water Tastes The Best?

What Is World's Tastiest Water?

The world’s best water is said to be the water from Siruvani Falls in India. However, recent trends suggest that Evian is the best water you will find anywhere in the world.

Now, I know that when you start discussing the taste of water, people will look at you funny. However, it turns out the clear liquid has some taste after all.

If you have been curious about bottled water and have been on a taste test, you will know what I am talking about. Tap water in the USA will taste pretty different in different states.

Additionally, bottled water’s unique taste may differ depending on the brand.

However, the taste depends on the number of chemicals and minerals in it.

The water from Siruvani Falls appears to taste sweet because of the absence of minerals. The landscape and vegetation around the water body also contribute to this taste. 

Siruvani Falls in Coimbatore, India, held the title for producing the world’s tastiest water for the longest time. However, its acute shortage and competitors in the market have questioned this title.

Now, it is sometimes called the second tastiest water. Then, which is the world’s best-tasting water?

It might be Siruvani, but to others, it is Evian. Evian water comes from springs and tastes better.

evian water
Evian water

Now, I have tasted Evian water and can surely say that it tastes a little sweeter and more refreshing. However, since getting hold of Siruvani water is challenging, I cannot choose a winner.

As far as I’ve heard, both glasses of water have distinct tastes and are at the top of their game. However, the winner can only be decided if you are lucky enough to taste both sets and then decide. 

Which Is The Sweetest Water?

Siruvani Falls in Coimbatore, India, is said to have the sweetest water in the world. Additionally, the water from Memphis, Tennessee, USA, is said to be the sweetest groundwater ever found.

The local population uses a relatively large groundwater table in Memphis, Tennessee.

However, there are varying opinions on which place has the sweetest water. Some say the water from the Tunga River in South India is the most precious.

You must remember that taste perception is personal and can’t be generalized. Therefore, certain people may find the taste of some water sweeter than others.

Why Does Some Water Taste Better?

Water tastes different because of the minerals contained in it. The taste of natural water, seawater, and distilled water differs significantly for these reasons.

Firstly, you must know that water itself tastes like nothing. Distilled water, the purest form of water, will always taste like nothing.

However, bottled water and even tap water will taste very different from distilled water. The sole reason lies in the mineral components and processing of your water.

That’s right, water naturally found on and under the earth’s surface will have a variety of minerals. When the water seeps through the rock table of different places, it gathers minerals.

These minerals give the water its unique taste. For example, water that passes through limestone will be super chalky. 

Bottled water is often processed at factories and has minerals added to them. Therefore, they taste different from the tap water you drink at home.

Can Water Expire?

Naturally, found water doesn’t have any export date. However, bottled water can react with the plastic casing and become toxic over time.

water bottles
I personally always prefer to use a metal bottle over a plastic one. Not only the water cools faster, but it somehow also tastes better! iykyk!

It is essential to understand that water will never go wrong if you store it properly. However, this applies to distilled water and naturally occurring water only.

Processed water in bottles they do come with an expiry date. BPA-free plastic bottles can be stored for a long time compared to other materials.

Water in glass bottles will also stay suitable for long periods. However, the taste of the water may change slightly if you keep it for a long time.

Final Remarks

In this article, I tried to unravel the mystery of the tastiest water on the planet. If you have missed anything from this article, here is a quick recap of my discussion. 

Siruvani Falls are said to have the tastiest water in the world. However, some people claim that Evian water from the Alps is more delicious than Siruvani.