How To Pick Someone At Lax? (SIMPLEST WAY!)

You can drive through the departure or arrival areas to pick someone up from LAX airport. Additionally, short-time parking is available between terminals to make pick-ups easier.

LAX is one of those nightmare airports where picking up someone is extremely difficult. The sheer amount of cars entering and leaving the airport is enough to scare people when driving here.

Mix in the weird and confusing design of the airport, and it’s a perfect recipe for disaster. However, it can be simple, especially if you understand the airport’s layout.

Finding the correct pick-up points can be challenging for people who have yet to visit LAX Airport.

If you are new to Los Angeles and need more help with the airport, you might need help. I have been a resident of Los Angeles for a while now and have been traveling monthly for work.

In this article, I will give you some critical clues on how to pick up someone arriving at LAX. Additionally, I will also provide some insight into the parking policies here.

Where Do You Pick Up People At LAX?

How To Pick Someone At Lax?

You can pick up passengers from LAX for departure or arrival. The arrival section of LAX is located on the lower level, while the departure section is on the upper level.

Everyone who has been to LAX airport knows how difficult the place is. The long lines of cars and crowds of confused people will throw you off at first instance.

However, keeping a level head will get you through this place. The easiest way to pick someone up would be to go to the arrival section of the airport.

This section is located on the lower level of the airport. There will be plenty of signboards to show you the way to the arrival.

Several terminals at LAX are bringing in passengers from specific airlines. You can look up the airline names and then proceed to the airport that receives its passengers. 

However, there is a catch at the arrival section. This part always remains crowded, and you might face a lot of traffic while returning to the main road.

This is why I always prefer picking up people from the departure section. The traffic here is comparatively less, and people don’t crowd around the gates unnecessarily. 

All you have to do is to ask the passenger to exit through the departure section. This section is on the upper level, and the plaques or signs will direct them to it.

Alternatively, you can also try the short-time parking lanes between the main route on the two levels. These small parking spaces allow people to park here for a short time, sometimes for a fee.

However, most of the time, these spaces are jam-packed, so you must arrive early to find an empty place. The parking fees are nominal and won’t drain your pocket. 

How Early Should I Leave To Pick Someone Up At LAX?

You must leave at least one hour before the arrival time at LAX airport. Depending on the airline, you might even need to spare 30 minutes to avoid jams.

If you are dead set on parking space, you must arrive early. The traffic here is crazy, and you will easily spend a lot of time stuck in the connector.

It’s best to take an hour or so for parking and pick up.

Where Do You Park To Pick Up At LAX?

If you want to park at LAX airport, the best option would be to use the Cell Phone Waiting Lot. Alternatively, the option includes the short-term waiting lanes located outside the airport.

Parking at LAX can be a problem if you don’t know the airport well. The cell phone waiting lot is the best option if you are looking for long-term parking.

This section is open 24*7 for people who require car parking services. The parking fee here is free for the first two hours. After this, it will be chargeable.

This section allows people to wait till their companion has cleared customs and baggage. You will receive a call from your companion, after which you can pick them up.

The second option would be the short-term parking spaces near the departure and arrival gates. You can arrive on time and park here to get your friend or relative from the gate.

Does LAX Have Free Parking?

There is one accessible parking spot at LAX Cell Phone Waiting Lot. However, free parking is applicable only for two hours.

You can easily wait two hours at the LAX Cell Phone Waiting Lot without paying fees. However, you will need to pay extra money after the two hours are up.

Additionally, at short-time parking spaces, the first 15 minutes are free. The following hours are chargeable, and the rate is $9 for the first hour.

No other parking space is available for free at the LAX airport. 

Final Remarks

When visiting LAX, the key is to follow the directions on their maps and take roundabouts if you miss your turns. If you still feel lost, you can always ask people at the security gate for recommendations. 

 Here is a quick recap of the article.

The best way to pick up someone from LAX would be via departure at the upper level. You can also wait at the Cell Phone Waiting Lot for free for up to 2 hours.