Can You Drink On Myrtle Beach? (AVOID This Mistake)

No, alcohol is strictly prohibited on Myrtle Beach. Beachgoers are not allowed to carry unopened liquor bottles or drink alcohol at the beach.

A large number of beaches do not allow the consumption of alcohol. Some counties even have dry towns where drinking alcohol is prohibited.

Myrtle Beach is one such place where visitors cannot consume alcohol in public places. There are grave consequences if anyone is found with unopened bottles of alcohol. 

Additionally, carrying a few more items to Myrtle Beach is strictly prohibited. If you visit Myrtle Beach, you need to know about these rules to avoid punishments.

This article will help you understand the strict rules of going to Myrtle Beach. We will help you clearly understand what to do and what not to do in order to have a pleasant experience at Myrtle beach.

Is Alcohol Allowed On Myrtle Beach?

Can You Drink On Myrtle Beach?

Alcohol is not allowed in Myrtle Beach. This is one place that doesn’t allow public consumption of alcohol outside establishments or event grounds.

Like many other beaches in the USA, Myrtle Beach doesn’t allow alcohol near the boardwalk. While it’s not against the law to walk around with sealed bottles of alcohol, certain things are not allowed.

For example, you cannot carry an unsealed bottle of alcohol around the beach. Even if you are not drinking alcohol in public, carrying unsealed bottles or cans is also banned.

Any kind of glass items and coolers are also not allowed on Myrtle Beach. Glass items are discouraged since people tend to walk barefoot on the sand.

Broken glass may be dangerous for beachgoers since it’s difficult to sort out from the sand. Additionally, it trashes up the beach and makes it unsafe.

These rules are strictly followed by everyone from locals to tourists. Cops patrol the beach from time to time, so there is no way to sneak alcohol in.

Additionally, the locals also prefer the beach to be alcohol-free. They will ask you to stop drinking even if a cop isn’t around.

Can You Walk Around With Alcohol In Myrtle Beach?

You can walk around Myrtle Beach with alcohol only if it is in a can or a plastic bottle. Additionally, it needs to be sealed and not have any ripped edges.

People can carry alcohol with them when they are at Myrtle Beach. However, they cannot possess unsealed or glass bottles with alcohol.

Additionally, you cannot carry takeaway cocktails or alcoholic beverages around the beach.

You will be fined if you are caught with unsealed alcohol and glass bottles. Even if you carry alcohol in a sealed glass bottle, you will be stopped by the police and fined.

In case you are buying wine, whiskey, and vodka, it’s recommended to take them home immediately instead of loitering around the beach. You can bring sealed beer cans but remember not to open them before you go home.

Are Coolers Allowed In Myrtle Beach?

Coolers are not allowed in Myrtle Beach. People caught with coolers at Myrtle Beach will face fines and punishment.

People are banned from bringing or using coolers at the beach. Just like glass and alcohol, coolers are also prohibited on many beaches across the USA. 

Even if you bring along a small cooler, the cops at the beach will catch you.

Police patrol at Myrtle Beach is rather strict about these laws, so there is no way to skirt these rules. The best thing would be to visit nearby bars and restaurants to enjoy some cold beverages with or without alcohol.

Myrtle Beach Drinking Fine

DUI Charge History Penalty
1st Time OffenderUp to $1000 or 60 days in jail
2nd Time OffenderUp to $5100
>3rd Time OffenderUp to $6,300

Myrtle Beach takes punishments pretty seriously. If caught drinking at Myrtle Beach, you will get a DUI Charge.

The penalties for a DUI Charge in South Carolina differ on many factors. Additionally, there is a difference in penalties between first-time and repeat offenders.

No matter the offender’s history, the penalty is high for all cases. First-time offenders are made to pay anywhere between $200 to $1000. 

Additionally, a jail time of 60 days may be sentenced. Offenders would also have to enroll at a treatment center at their own cost. 

If an offender is brought again for the second time in 10 years, they will face a penalty of up to $5100. Additionally, if the offender is conveyed in their third time, they will pay up to $6300 in fines.

Getting enrolled in an alcohol treatment program is a relatively expensive affair. You will need to spend around $2500 for the entire program. 

Depending on your location, these charges may increase significantly. Additionally, according to your then blood alcohol levels, you may face a heavier fine or penalty.

Drinking at Myrtle Beach can cost you a lot of money, so it’s better to avoid that entirely. As I’ve said, enjoying a drink at a restaurant or a pub is the better option.

Final Remarks

I’m pretty sure you now understand the consequences of drinking at Myrtle Beach. You will lose a lot of money and face embarrassment for breaking the law.

People of Myrtle Beach are somewhat serious about these rules, so it’s better to avoid breaking them. Also, trying to prank the cops by being sneaky won’t be of much help either.

It’s also recommended not to carry glass items as it’s against the law. You should also avoid bringing coolers to Myrtle beach as you will be fined.

Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve talked about so far.

Drinking alcohol is not allowed at Myrtle Beach. Additionally, you cannot carry glass and coolers at the beach.