Is 70 Degrees Cold? (Weather)

A temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit will feel slightly cool. You might need a light sweater, depending on where you are living.

Temperatures can be extremely confusing, especially if you are a fan of traveling.

The difference in climates and weather patterns also make it difficult to gauge how different temperatures would feel. For example, people will perceive 70 degrees differ depending on the environment in their state.

As a frequent traveler, I have lived in places with a varied range of temperatures. In this article, I will also include some pointers on what to expect and what gear to carry when traveling to such places.

Does 70 Degrees Fahrenheit Feel Cold?

What Do 70 Degrees Feel Like?

Yes, 70 degrees may feel pretty cool, especially if you live in a warmer climate. It will feel comfortable if you are used to cooler temperatures. As for clothing, a light sweater would be more than enough.

As I’ve said, the way we feel temperatures will depend on the climate that we live in. In tropical climates, 70 degrees may feel pretty chilly, especially at night. 

The mornings will feel comfortable with the warmth of the sun over your head. However, the nights will be pretty cold and require you to use a thicker blanket.

People who live in temperate climates or are accustomed to sub-zero temperatures will feel 70 degrees is pretty warm. This can also be the ideal summer-autumn temperature if you live in higher altitudes.

In celsius, 70 degrees convert to around 21 degrees. While it’s not a very cold temperature, it can feel so if you are visiting from warmer places.

It’s better to wear adequately thick clothing to avoid catching a cold while your body adjusts to the new temperature. Additionally, 21°C or 70°F can be very chilly if accompanied by rains or cold winds.

You will need to cover your ears and nose if you experience cold winds at this temperature.

As for travel tips, a visit to the mountains or the beach will be perfect in these temperatures.

Are 70 Degrees Fahrenheit Good For Wearing Shorts?

Seventy degrees Fahrenheit is not the ideal temperature for wearing shorts. You might feel chilly or catch a cold if you are not used to cooler temperatures. 

However, a visit to the beach under the sun will require shorts. You will feel the sun’s heat, and the temperature around the sea tends to be neutral.

Therefore, you can enjoy wearing shorts at 70 degrees on a beach trip.

In the mountains, however, this is a different issue.

Even if the weather feels neutral, the cold winds at 70 degrees Fahrenheit are enough to cause mild to moderate ice burns. Wear warm leggings or tights if you are dead set on wearing shorts.

Additionally, wear sneakers with socks to protect your feet. While some people may want to venture out in sandals, there may be better ideas than wearing them at 70 degrees.

Sure, wearing them on warmer mornings is fine. However, the nights will chill your toes off and make you regret your decision.

What Should I Wear At 70 Degrees Fahrenheit?

At 70 degrees Fahrenheit, you should wear light sweaters and long pants to escape the cold winds. Additionally, you can carry an overshirt or a shawl if you are unsure about the weather conditions. 

Typically, people from colder climates can withstand 70 degrees without proper winter wear. However, it is always advisable to wear or at least carry warm clothes for protection.

While bringing a lot of sweaters and jackets is unnecessary, you will still require some for your own good. I recommend lined hoodies, sweatshirts, light cardigans, woolen shrugs, and shawls, along with overshirts.

You cannot wear half-pants or shorts in this weather. I recommend getting a good ol’ pair of jeans, but if you cannot deal with cooler temperatures, it’s best to wear double-lined or woolen pants.

If you are going to stay out for the night, carry an extra sweater and scarf. At night the temperatures will fall, and you will get cold without them.

Bikers are advised to carry gloves, so their fingers don’t freeze up. The cold wind may affect your fingers when traveling on a two-wheeler at night. You will have difficulty keeping control of your vehicle.

A small beanie will also come in handy if you travel at night. It will protect your ears from the wind that might give you a nasty cold.

Why Do 70 Degrees Fahrenheit Feel Different?

For people who live in warmer climates, 70 degrees will not feel different because the body has acclimated to hotter weather.

However, a sudden drop in temperature will cause the body to struggle to adapt.

People who live in scorching temperatures, even in the USA, will feel pretty chilly, even at 70 degrees. The sole reason is that their body is not used to these temperatures.

People who live in the north will find this weather surprisingly pleasant because they are used to living in sub-zero temperatures. Seventy degrees for them will be a cakewalk.

Final Remarks

By now, it must be clear that 70 degrees may feel different for various people.

Therefore, don’t be surprised when someone says that 70 degrees feel perfectly warm while you are chilled to the bone.

If you have missed my general verdict on the temperature, here’s a quick recap to help.

Seventy degrees can feel pretty cool to people. You might need light sweaters to cope with the weather and avoid catching a cold.