St Augustine Beach Parking: Tips for Finding the Best Spots

St. Augustine Beach is a popular tourist destination in northeast Florida. As such, there are several parking options available to visitors, with parking at the Pier being the most practical one.

St. Augustine Beach has several parking options because it is a popular tourist destination. The city wants to accommodate the many visitors who enjoy the beach, shops, and attractions. 

If you are planning a visit to St. Augustine Beach and need assistance with their parking policies, this article is for you.

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Parking Options At St. Augustine Beach

Parking St Augustine Beach

There are several parking options available in St. Augustine Beach. Still, planning and arriving early during the peak tourist season is essential to secure a spot.

Here’s an overview of the parking options in St. Augustine Beach.

1. Public Parking Lots 

There are several public parking lots in St. Augustine Beach, including the Pier Parking Lot, the City Hall Parking Lot, and the Mary Street Parking Lot. These lots are located near popular attractions and provide easy access to the beach.

2. Street Parking 

Street parking options are available throughout St. Augustine Beach but can be limited during peak tourist season. Check for any parking restrictions or time limits before parking on the street.

3. Private Parking Lots 

Some hotels, restaurants, and businesses at St. Augustine offer private parking lots for their customers. If you plan to visit a specific company or attraction, it’s worth checking to see if they provide parking.

4. Beach Access Points 

Several beach access points in the region provide limited parking options. These areas tend to be more crowded during peak tourist season.

5. Bicycle and Pedestrian Options 

St. Augustine Beach also offers several options for visitors who prefer to bike or walk. The city has a network of bike lanes and sidewalks that make exploring the area on foot or by bike easy.

Public And Private Parking Lots In St. Augustine Beach.

Let us go through the Public Parking Lots first.

ParkingParking SpacesLocation
Pier Parking Lot100St. Augustine Beach Pier
City Hall Parking Lot50Near City Hall
Mary Street Parking Lot40located near several beach access points
Dondanville Road Park10located near several beach access points
Street Parking Lot25Near the St. Augustine Beach Police Department

Out of these, it would be best for you to go to the pier parking lot as it has most number of parking spaces. You can find the exact location of this place using the Google Map embedded below.

Now that the public parking areas built by the city have been covered, let’s move on to the different types of private parking lots.

1. Hotels 

Many hotels in St. Augustine Beach offer private parking for their guests. Some examples include the Guy Harvey Resort, the Hampton Inn & Suites, and the Courtyard by Marriott.

2. Restaurants

Some restaurants in the area also offer private parking for their customers. For example, Salt Life Food Shack has a parking lot for diners.

3. Beach Shops

Some beach shops in the area, such as Island Beachwear, also offer private parking for customers.

Parking Fees And Payment Options In St. Augustine Beach

Parking fees can generate revenue for the local authorities, which can be used to maintain and improve the beach and its facilities. The prices of different parking lots vary, and multiple payment options are available depending on the area.

Here is a table mentioning the fees for different parking lots.

Parking LotFee
Pier Parking Lot$ 15 per day
City Hall Parking Lot$ 10 per day
Mary Street Parking LotFree free 
Ocean Hammock ParkFree 
Dondanville Road Park Free 
A Street Parking LotFree 

In the case of Private Parking Lots, fees may vary depending on the business or attraction. Some private parking lots may require payment or validation from the associated company.

Metered parking is available on some streets in St. Augustine Beach, and rates may vary depending on the time of day and season. Check for any parking restrictions or time limits before parking on the street.

Payment options for parking in St. Augustine Beach can vary depending on the parking lot or area, but cash and credit cards are usually accepted everywhere.

Safety Tips For Parking In St. Augustine Beach

No matter how safe or secure a place is, you must not let your guard down. Follow specific safety tips that reduce the risk of theft or other crimes when parking at St. Augustine Beach.

st. augustine beach

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when parking in St. Augustine Beach:

1. Lock your vehicle 

Always lock your vehicle and close all windows before leaving it unattended.

2. Hide valuables 

Refrain from leaving valuables or personal belongings in plain sight inside your vehicle. It’s best to keep them out of sight or take them with you.

3. Park in well-lit areas 

Whenever possible, park in well-lit areas with good visibility. Avoid parking in dark or isolated areas.

4. Be aware of your surroundings

Be aware of your surroundings when parking, especially in unfamiliar areas. Look for any signs of suspicious activity or behavior.

5. Follow parking regulations 

Always follow posted parking regulations and restrictions to avoid getting ticketed or towed.

6. Avoid leaving spare keys

Please do not leave a spare key inside your vehicle, as thieves can easily access it.

7. Consider alternative transportation

Consider using alternative transportation options such as walking, biking, or public transportation to avoid parking altogether.

Alternative Transportation Options in St. Augustine Beach

St. Augustine Beach is a relatively small community and aims to reduce traffic. Therefore, it offers many alternative transportation options for visitors and locals alike. 

Here are some of the most popular options.

1. Biking

st. augustine beach parking

St. Augustine Beach is a great place to explore on a bike. There are several bike rental shops in the area, including Island Life Bike Rentals and Bike Rentals Plus, which offer a variety of bike styles for all ages.

2. Walking

St. Augustine Beach is a pedestrian-friendly city with several sidewalks and pathways. Walking is an excellent way to enjoy the area’s scenic beauty and explore the shops, restaurants, and attractions.

3. Trolley 

The Old Town Trolley Tours offers a hop-on, hop-off trolley service that takes visitors to all the major attractions in St. Augustine. The trolley runs every 15-20 minutes, and you can purchase tickets online or at the trolley stops.

4. Public transportation 

St. Augustine Beach also has a public transportation system that connects the beach to the historic district and other city areas. The Sunshine Bus Company provides bus services throughout the city and is an affordable way to get around.

5. Rideshare

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are available in St. Augustine Beach and provide a convenient way to get around the area without worrying about parking or driving.

6. Golf carts 

Golf carts are a unique way to explore the area. They are available for rent at several locations in St. Augustine Beach. They are an eco-friendly option and a fun way to get around the beach.

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Final Remarks

I hope all your doubts regarding the St. Augustine beach parking were solved by reading this article.

Now that we are at the end, let us summarise this blog post.

St. Augustine Beach, located in northeast Florida, is a well-known tourist destination that offers various parking options to visitors. Among these options, parking at the Pier is considered the most practical.