What Time Does Oxford Street Close? (TIMINGS)

The shops on Oxford Street close around 9 pm or 10 pm. Sunday is an off day for shops.

Oxford Street is a famous section of London’s West End. This part is known for its elaborate shops and marketplaces that house small to big brands.

People who visit London always plan a stop at Oxford Street. Now, like any other place, shops on Oxford Street also operate during certain hours.

Tourists from other countries won’t know about these operating hours if they don’t look it up. It’s essential to understand shop timings so that you don’t get disappointed if you find the shops closed.

If you are someone who is planning a trip to London’s Oxford Street, this article is for you.

I will also include the best times for visiting the area for shopping. Keep reading to know more about what you can do in Oxford Street. 

When Does Oxford Street Close?

What Time Does Oxford Street Close?

Oxford Street closes around 9 pm. The shops around the area stay closed throughout the day every Sunday.

London has no shortage of places to visit. From Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace, you will find plenty of areas of interest in the city.

However, London also has a rich nightlife and a variety of shopping places. Oxford Street is one place where you will find many things to do at night.

Oxford Street is also super busy, with many people visiting after sundown. Sadly, like any other place in the city, the shops on Oxford Street close at night.

They usually open at 9 am and continue their operations till 9-10 pm. They may be open beyond regular hours if they have a rush of customers.

However, the possibility of that happening is very slim. The people here know the operating hours and choose to visit Oxford Street within this time.

If you are planning to visit Oxford, come in early. That way, you can explore all the shops without worrying about their closing time. I would suggest visiting here around 6-7 pm. There will be a light crowd, but you can wrap up your shopping by 9 pm.

What Time Is The Last Call In Oxford Street?

The last call in Oxford Street is around 10:30 pm night. The closing hours for bars and pubs is 11 pm, so the initial call is roughly 15-30 minutes before the bar closes for the day.

While last calls in the USA are well after midnight in most places, it is pretty different in the UK. Here, restaurants and bars cannot sell alcohol past 11 pm.

Some retail shops have the license to sell alcohol 24×7, but they can only sell sealed bottles. If you want to drink with your buddies in Oxford Street, remember that the last call is well before 11 pm.

Sure, you can continue your party back at the hotel or home. However, you cannot go to a bar after the clock hits 11 pm.

What Time Does Oxford Street Close On Sundays?

Shops in Oxford Street remain closed on Sundays. Only a few restaurants and bars may be open till 6 pm.

Oxford Street has one day off in a week like any other marketplace. Surprisingly, the authorities have decided to keep Oxford Street closed on Sundays. 

Now, mind you, not all shops choose to stay closed on Sundays. Some open around noon but quickly close operations after 6 pm.

These hours are surprising because Oxford Street is supposed to receive more tourists and shoppers during the weekend.

Is Oxford Street Busy At Night?

Oxford Street is exceptionally busy at night. It is one of the busiest places in the whole of London.

As I’ve said before, Oxford Street is a wild place in the city. Its rich nightlife draws a lot of people to this area.

The place is dotted with restaurants and bars that become incredibly crowded at night. Most tourists go to Oxford Street for shopping after taking a city tour in the morning and afternoon.

Even though the shops and restaurants here barely stay open late at night, Oxford Street stays busy after sundown. If you are not a big fan of crowds, I suggest visiting around noon.

If that doesn’t work for you, you can visit in the morning around 9 am. At this time, shops on Oxford Street slowly start to open and stayed empty most of the time.

Final Remarks 

I hope this article has proved to be helpful for you. As a longtime resident of London, I have tried to highlight all the significant points about Oxford Street. 

It would be best if you also remembered the time of the last call in case you go drinking.

In case you have missed anything, here is a quick article recap.

Oxford Street in London usually closes around 9 pm. On Sundays, most shops remain closed, and others close around 6 pm.