Is Lobster Cheaper In Maine? (Read Before Visiting)

Lobster is generally cheaper in Maine at lobster shacks and grocery shops.

Many of us in America know that lobsters were once considered food for poor people because they were cheap and abundant.

It was eaten by poor servants, prisoners, and farm animals like goats and pigs. It wasn’t until the 1860s, after the Civil War, that lobster began its ride.

During this time, putting seafood in cans became an increasingly viable option to ration out to soldiers, which also helped detach the stigma behind lobster.

Lobster skyrocketed in popularity starting in the early 1900s when wealthy citizens who had not heard of its negative connotations began to try it for the first time.

The response was incredibly positive, which drovelLobster to become more expensive and luxurious. It also became aligned with a rich diet rather than a poor one.

This article will give you a thorough overview of lobster in Maine- If it is cheaper and why, how much it costs, and the best places to get lobster in Maine.

Is Lobster In Maine Cheaper?

Is Lobster Cheaper In Maine? (Read Before Visiting)

Yes, Lobster in Maine is cheaper than in many other places.

As more money and recognition came to lobster, chefs realized that it tasted best when cooked live and straight from the docks of Maine.

Demand grew for lobster in the surrounding markets of New York and Boston, home to many wealthy residents. These people wanted lobster straight from the source- Maine.

This led to trap-fishing lobsters in Maine, and ‘smacked’ were used to transport lobsters to these ports. A ‘smack’ is a sailing vessel with holes to allow seawater to circulate.

Some other concoctions to lure lobsters to traps included kerosene-soaked bricks, white coffee mugs, and bags that blinked like traffic lights.

Though sometimes hilarious, these innovations contributed to Maine lobster being cheaper and more accessible than anywhere else in the country.

How Much Does Maine Lobster Cost?

The price for Lobster by the pound in Maine can range from $35 to $120, depending on the seller.

Though lobster might seem more expensive than other types of meat, consider it a good investment, as it makes for a far more memorable experience.

Buying lobster meat by the pound is one of the best seafood purchases you will make, as it is one of the most versatile meats allowing for endless unique dishes.

I have made a table containing some of Maine’s lobster vendors and how they are priced.

CompanyPrice/ lbMinimum Cost
Wulf’s Fish$57.00$57.00
Lobster Anywhere$62.00$62.00
Fulton Fish Market$64.99$129.99
Get Maine Lobster$64.99$129.00
Cameron’s Seafood$85.49$170.99

All the companies mentioned have different cost structures but maintain the highest quality standard across all their lobster products.

Each company has its different reasons for pricing for many reasons. But all of them have a general rule of offering free or reduced shipping rates when buying quality seafood for delivery.

To make the most of this, it is always best to create a more significant purchase of the stuff you will buy to get a more substantial discount. But make sure to use the lobster before it expires.

Why Is Lobster Cheap In Maine?

Lobster is cheap in Maine because lobster is readily available for fishing here.

For many, Maine comes to mind when they think of lobster. It is the largest lobster-producing state in the country.

Being the source for Lobsters all over the country gives Maine the unique ability to price its lobster much cheaper than other states.

With current transportation and technology, people from all over the country can enjoy fresh lobster caught in Maine at a cost.

And so, the further away from the main fishing area that you go, the more expensive it gets, even with modern technology.

I recommend purchasing lobster directly from the harvester, as it eliminates shipping, mediators, overhead, and profit that restaurants and retailers add on.

When Is Lobster Cheapest In Maine?

Prices for Lobster in Maine are at their cheapest in May and June.

They know when lobsters are the cheapest and need a bit of background on their biology and migratory patterns.

Lobsters grow through the shedding of their shell; a process called molting. Before shedding, they carry around hard shells throughout the winter.

Around the beginning of July, the waters in Maine start warming up, leading to lobsters migrating to the coast to shed their hard shells to be left with soft shells.

During these summer months, soft shell lobsters make up 75% of all lobsters caught in Maine, beloved due to their tender meat.

However, they are much more fragile and cannot be shipped like their hard-shell counterparts. Hence, they are sold locally at a much lower price during this time.

But if they are caught in July, why are May and June the best months for cheap Lobster? Maine has many summer resorts, and their demand will not kick in during May-June.

What Are The Best Places To Get Cheap Lobster In Maine?

The best places to get cheap Lobster in Maine are lobster shacks that serve delicious meals.

I have made a list of some lobster shacks you should visit while in Maine-

1. Fox’s Lobster House

Family-owned and operated, established in 1966, it maintains a vibrant history and offers a view of the Nubble Lighthouse.

2. Lobster In The Rough

This restaurant offers authentic New England seafood, live music, and cozy fire pits.

3. Lobster Cove

This oceanfront restaurant offers a stunning view of the iconic Nubble Lighthouse and some of the finest seafood.

4. The York Beach Bucket

The place offers some of the freshest and most affordable Lobsters in town, famous for its lobster rolls served in 2 ways.

Final Remarks

I hope this article comes in handy if you are planning a trip to Maine and want to know when to visit for the cheapest Lobster or are just curious as to why lobster is so much more affordable in Maine.

Here’s a quick recap-

Is Lobster cheaper in Maine?

Lobster is more affordable in Maine because it is readily available there. It ranges from $35 to $120 and is cheapest around May- June. The best places to get cheap Lobsters are lobster shacks found all over Maine.