Is Liquor Cheaper In Virginina Or Maryland?

Maryland has cheaper liquor than Virginia. The sole reason for this difference is that Maryland has fewer taxes on alcohol. 

Buying alcohol can be tricky, especially when you are traveling. Most people would think that alcohol prices are the same everywhere.

However, that is not the case. The price of alcohol is different in different states. There can be a large number of factors that influence the cost of alcohol in places.

For some specific kinds of alcohol, the prices in Virginia seem more profitable. For hard liquor, Maryland appears to have better rates.

People unfamiliar with the liquor laws and prices of the two states are bound to be overwhelmed. It’s not easy to understand precisely where you should be purchasing alcohol for your personal use.

If you are wondering where it’s cheaper, this is the right place to know. I will share everything I know about liquor prices in these two states and where you can get it cheap.

Do You Get Cheap Liquor In Virginia Or Maryland?

Is Liquor Cheaper In Va Or Md?

You will get cheaper alcohol in Maryland. Liquor in Virginia is more expensive because of taxes.

Maryland has a lower tax on alcohol as prescribed by state laws. Therefore, alcohol brands can afford to sell their stuff for less in this state.

On the other hand, Virginia has a rather steep tax on alcohol. This is why their alcohol is more expensive than usual.

Now, if you have the means to travel to Maryland to buy alcohol, you definitely should. But if you add gas prices, your travel expenses may not be worth the price difference in alcohol. 

You can pick up a lot of good alcohol from Maryland. Then, you can get your regular ones from Virginia since the price difference will be minimal.

Of course, if you live in Maryland, driving down to Virginia is no use. You can buy the stuff from any nearby store and enjoy cheap alcohol at home.

However, surprisingly, I have also found that certain kinds of beer and wine are cheaper in Virginia. For hard liquor, Virginia has a higher retail price. 

I am not exactly sure why this happens in Virginia, but it is what it is.

Does Virginia Sell Hard Liquor?

Virginia does sell hard liquor but only in ABC stores. In other licensed stores, you will only get wine and beer.

When it comes to alcohol, Virginia has some rather weird rules. According to their laws, only the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control or ABC can sell hard liquor.

All other stores run on authorization and can only sell wine and beer. Therefore, to buy the good stuff, you always need to find an ABC store.

Unlike Maryland, you won’t find liquor in regular stores. In Virginia, there are dedicated stores for alcohol, and it can be purchased from there only.

What Is The Tax On Alcohol In Virginia?

Virginia charges a 4.3% sales tax on alcohol. This applies to all counties in the state.

The tax on alcohol in Virginia is the same as the average sales tax. It has been set by the authorities in the state and is still in effect.

There might be a hike in taxes in the future if the state deems it necessary. Until then, the tax will remain around 4% on the total value of alcohol. 

Distilled spirits retail prices include a 20% state tax. Therefore, the overall cost of hard liquor is way more than usual.

Does Maryland Sell Liquor In Grocery Stores?

Yes, only select grocery stores in Maryland sell alcohol. Earlier, Maryland allowed the sale of alcohol in supermarkets, but that law has since been discontinued. 

Though the prices of alcohol in Maryland are lower, they are not that readily available. They sell alcohol at licensed stores only.

No supermarket in Maryland is authorized to sell liquor. Some online sellers do sell beer and wine and not hard liquor.

Don’t be surprised if you find one or two grocery stores keeping alcohol. It’s not entirely illegal since a few stores are allowed to do so.

It’s better to ask around and find out where you can get alcohol before you set out for your purchase.

Final Remarks 

So, I am pretty sure you now know everything about getting alcohol in Maryland and Virginia. I hope I cleared your doubts and save you from paying a higher price.

If you have missed anything from this article, here is a quick recap.

Alcohol prices are lower in Maryland than in Virginia. The tax on alcohol in Maryland is less than what it is in Virginia.