Does Urban Air Serve Alcohol? (Tips and Tricks)

Yes, Urban Air serves alcohol from when it opens to when it closes. While beer cans and wine are available at Urban Air, pitchers and hard liquor aren’t available.

Urban Air has turned from a single trampoline park in Southlake to the nation’s largest chain of indoor theme parks in less than a decade. Today, every kid in America wants to go to their nearest Urban Air.

With adults often accompanying the kids, it becomes necessary for the theme park chain to offer the adults a good time as well. Hence, Urban Air provides a decent set of drinks and alcoholic beverages for adults.

But the questions don’t stop here. What kind of alcoholic beverages are offered? Is alcohol expensive there? Can you bring your drinks inside? What are the restrictions on alcohol consumption?

These are the questions that I’ll be providing you with the answer to. Let’s begin.

Is Alcohol Offered At Urban Air?

Does Urban Air Serve Alcohol?

Yes, Urban Air offers alcohol. Only beer and wine are served, no hard liquor.

Since Urban Air is primarily a place for kids to enjoy, it has limited options for alcoholic beverages. The national franchise has 218 sites, with many of those serving beer and wine.

You must know that Urban Air doesn’t serve pitchers. Only cans of beer and individual servings of wine are available.

Regarding the timings, you can buy alcohol at Urban Air for as long as the site is open. There are no restrictions on that. Urban Air has a Class M liquor license, which doesn’t prevent them from selling spirits. However, you will rarely find the drink at Urban Air.

Urban Air also caters to customers who enjoy more than just traditional drinks. For a unique experience, they offer craft cocktails and flights of beer. Both of these options are a great way to sample a variety of drinks.

VodkaNot Available
GinNot Available
WhiskeyNot Available

Is Alcohol At Urban Air Expensive?

The prices of alcoholic beverages vary as per the location of Urban Air. The prices are comparable to the local market.

While the cost of alcoholic beverages may vary at different Urban Air facilities, be prepared to spend more on it than the rest of the beverages and drinks. The prices vary due to the additional taxes levied on alcohol in different states.

Due to the share Urban Air earns on selling alcohol, its price increases even further. Regardless, the price is in line with the industry standards.

Can I Bring My Drinks to Urban Air?

No, you are not allowed to bring your drinks to Urban Air. You must purchase drinks from the service café, offering soda, Gatorade, and alcoholic beverages.

How convenient would it be if Urban Air allowed you to bring your drinks, right? Unfortunately, that is not the case. And it is for the good of everyone. Let me explain.

Urban Air sells only beer and wine. You won’t find any hard liquor there. And that is how they keep a check on what kind of alcohol is being consumed there.

Every Urban Air has a service café where you can buy drinks like soda, Gatorades, wines, and beer. Sit and relax in the café; the bartenders are knowledgeable and can help customers select the perfect glass or suggest a great pairing.

What Are The Rules Regarding Alcohol Consumption?

Several rules at Urban Air prevent any mishap from happening due to alcohol consumption. Here are a few of them that you must know.

1. Wristband Cut-Off

You will lose your wristband if you buy any alcoholic drinks. Without the wristband, you won’t be able to participate in any activities for the rest of the day.

This ensures that people under the influence of alcohol don’t drive go-karts or jump alongside kids on the trampoline. Anyone who buys liquor earlier in the day cannot get another wristband later on the same day.

2. No Entry In The Entertainment Section

The people selling the wristbands at the front row desk have specific internal procedures to know who has had alcoholic beverages. You won’t be given any wristband if found so.

I suggest you consume alcohol only after spending quality time in the entertainment section.

3. No Outside Drinks

As mentioned above, Urban Air prohibits bringing drinks, food, or coolers outside. You can consume alcohol only from the service café at Urban Air.

Final Remarks

Regarding safety regulations concerning alcohol, you don’t have to worry since Urban Air has a lot of experience selling alcohol and has special liquor procedures. And in this article, I covered all the possible questions you may have regarding alcohol at Urban Air.

Here’s a recap.

Urban Air serves beer, wine, and cocktails. The prices vary according to location, and you cannot participate in any activity after buying an alcoholic beverage. Outside food and drinks are not allowed.